When to start using TENS?

I have been having irregular contractions for a few days now. They have started to get quite intense this afternoon but still only lasting about 30 seconds and at best every 15 minutes (then sometimes going to every 40!). All the advice with my TENS machine says to use from early labour but I know I could still be in this pattern of contractions for quite a few days (or unbelievably weeks-image)
So basically I was wondering if anyone has any advice about when I should stick it on? Paracetamol is controlling the pains fine at the moment, but I am worried that if this is 'it' and my contractions get more intense suddenly then the TENS won't have any impact on them because I didn't use it sooner.
Any advice appreciated!
Em-40 weeks


  • Hi

    I used my tens machine once my waters went but I was very quick with my labour! I found the machine helped me concentrate on my contractions. I did use it a few weeks before I gave birth as I started with bad pains, but the tens machine helped. Hope that helped!
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