sure start maternity grant

hi girls, just wondering if anyone has recived the sure start grant who isnt on benifits? me and my oh would benifit hugely from this as our outgoings are almost high as our incomings and could do with help buying baby things. we dont claim any benifits and own our house


  • Hi Shaz

    As far as I know you need some kind of benefit i.e tax credits etc. You could apply for the grant and see what happens as there is nothing to loose and if they say 'yes' that would be a bonus. I'm going to apply and cross my fingers!!

    Lou x x
  • hi shazlnx hope you dont mind ive just come over from junes forum. i think you get a reduced amount if your not on benefits i could be wrong but that is what i have bein lead to belive.i have applied and i am also not claiming any benefits i hope i am entilted to somethink as this is my first baby and cant belive how expensive everyfin is,merriel
  • im going to try and apply for it as im a stay at home mum at the moment to my 3 year old little boy we do get child tax credit but dont think we get enough to quaify for it but still going to apply xx
  • hi emma1981 are you going to apply for the grant for your 3 year old or a new baby?
  • for my new baby hun im only 5wks pregnant at the mo though so a long time before i can apply xx
  • I know someone who did, but she only had a low income and was getting help with rent. nothing to lose by finding out sorry i can't help more

    Congratulations too x

  • Just had a look for you. This is what it says on the site. If you go into google and type in sure start maternity grant loads of sites with info come up xxx

    If you need help with the cost of buying essential items for a new baby, this grant could help you.

    You must be receiving:

    Income Support
    income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
    Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the family element
    extra Working Tax Credit relating to a disability, or
    Pension Credit.
    You must claim from 11 weeks before the week your baby is due, until 3 months after the baby is born.

    If you are adopting, your baby must be aged under 12 months at the date of your claim. You should claim within 3 months of adopting.

  • thanks for your help everyone, think ill just apply and hope i get it, any extra would be a huge help as im sure we all know
  • Babe,

    If you get turned down before lo is born you can apply again after! You may be entitled to child tax credit AFTER the birth of lo, therefore can apply again - I think you have til lo is 3 mths old!

    Love Lee

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