maternity bras

When should I get a maternity bra?

All my bras are underwired and I am sure I read somewhere that these can cause problems.

However I don't want to spend a fortune and I am already a 36 G so I realise I am going to have to spend a bit.

I am only 4 weeks 4 days!


  • I never wore maternity bras in my first pregnancy and I havent wore one during this pregnancy either.

    If I dont wear underwired, my b00bs will be spaniels ears! I have had no problems and Im lucky that my pre-pregnancy bras still fit.

    surely if it was that harmful, our MW's would have informed us along with the other things that 'we are arent allowed to do'?

    just a thought.

  • This is useful info Maria, thank you. I'm just about to embark on new bra shopping so think I'll go and get measured at one of the big department stores.

    I don't want to squish my boobies!! lol
  • Thanks guys, my boobs aren't even sore yet so I think I may hold off until then image
  • Hi
    I bought two maternity bras from Mama Bebe shop, ??5 each. The straps were a bit thick and you could see it on the neckline of my tops, but great for bedtime, really comfy too!

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