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Does anyone know when work should complete a risk assessment for pregnant workers by?




  • Hi,

    I used to be a Facilities and HR Manager and we had to do risk assesment on Pregnant women as soon as we found out. HAve you informed you work in writing that you are pregnant and when you are due?

    Pregnant women are very protected now and your work have to be very aware of your needs especially when it comes to your workstation/lifting and mw/dr appointments.

    I hope this helps image

  • Hi at my work I had an assessment as soon as I told them I was pregnant and now I have them every 6weeks or so. However I think it depends on your organisation and the type of work you do. Im a support worker for people with disabilities so they are really on the ball. Kerry xxx
  • Gosh you guys are lucky have have such organised work places, mine just said alright and have left me to carry on as normal!
  • Spec if anything happened to you or your baby you could end up in court with them, they really have to look out for you and protect you now.

    Maybe you should request a risk assesment and says it's not only for your own good but for theirs as well as I doubt very much that they will want to end up in s**t image

    My work have replaced my chair to give me a 'pregnant friendly' chair, I also have a foot rest and the key to a resting room where I can lay down if my morning sickness is too bad or if I feel tired, they have bought me a fridge to keep expressed milk in lol and have allowed me to work flexi time image

  • Mine didnt do a risk assessment at all. Dont get me wrong, they have been great about my pregnancy and stuff and my office manager keeps telling me to take it easy if im feeling tired etc.

    But there are a few things which get to me....I have made certain comments about my boss' printer as the cable runs from one desk to another which means i have to step over it to get to the filing tray. Ive made comments to him (and actually moved the printer myself to a safer place but he put it back!) and made my office manager aware too. Its still there and i made a joke about suing the company if i tripped over it.

    We also have an attic full of old files and deeds etc and my boss keeps asking me to get files out for him (which sometimes involves getting up on a set of small step ladders) to get the files down from the shelves but i keep telling him i cant hardly lift the boxes of files even if i wasnt pregnant. He gets his (male) assistant to get them more now (his assistant has been fab and always offers to help me carrying files back up to the attic and puts them away for me). My boss is a bit old fashioned though and hes a bit like 'upstairs downstairs' and wouldnt dream of 'lowering himself' to get a file out for himself!! grrr.

    Sorry for the rant
  • my work have said that they dont believe in doing all that pampering stuff and just left me to get on with it they have been good about my appointmants and stuff tho i work in an office at a garage so im sure theres stuff that i will be at risk with but i just think if anything happens then they are buggered cus i will sue

  • anged, your work sounds exactly like mine, they were ok about it when i told them but when i told them there were certain things i wasn't doing now they weren't best pleased. am sticking to my guns though with this cos baby is far more important than work and like CazA says they probably know they could end up in court if anything happened. think we just need to make sure we look after ourselves!
  • I'm a right bitch at work lol and consider myself a my baby considerably more important than their convinience lol Maybe because I worked in that particular sector I know what they should do and I want to make sure they do it all right, as, although it probably doesn't sound like it I actually love my job and don't want to have to take them to court over anything lol.

    My husband is a mechanic and they had a pregnant lady working there and they bought her a motorized scooter so she didn't have to walk anywhere and my husband very kindly made her a number plate saying "wide load" lol luckily she is our friend and has a sense of humour or else he could have come home with a black eye image

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