When should i tell boss? Advice please!

Hi I,m Marie have been on forum for a while but don't post regularly, just wanted some advice on when i should tell boss i am pregnant. I am 11weeks tomorrow and i have been of for a week with ?flu, sickness and extreme tierdness and lack of energy, I work as a nurse on a surgical ward and my sister works there aswell and says it is really heavy at the moment i had managed to get out of most heavy manual handling situations before i went off sick but am back to work tomorrow as feeling so much better. So should i just tell them tomorrow or wait?? Any advice greatly appreciated!



  • Hi Xmarie ,
    I would tell them straight away just to be on the safe side really and if you do start feeling funny at least they know whats wrong and you can take a break. And your 11 weeks now so i would def tell them. If you really don't want to then go to the doc see if you can get signed off for another week so your feeling a lot better then tell them. I told my boss straight away and she was really good bless her let me take extra little breaks when i was feeling really ruff !
  • I told work at 15 weeks. But that was because I was waiting to have my first scan.
  • I would definitely tell them straight away. know it is nice to keep it to yourself until you are completely ready to tell people but with your work i think it is important!

    i tole mine when i as 10 weeks, mostly because they were planning for our director to leave and one of my colleagues to retire, thinking of giving me more responsibility (not that that is an issue - i hjust didnt want them to be relying on me when i'll only be there for another 4-5 months), but also because i often lift stuff i shouldnt be lifting. I only started there a week before i fell pregnant, but they have really been ace!!!
  • Hi,
    I would tell them, at least then they can do a risk assesment for you and hopefully not expect you to do something you can't do!!
    I told my work around 8 weeks due to having a bad back already and fears that it may get worse!!
    Lydia xx
  • Thanks everyone for your advice i think i will probably tell them tomorrow, so it will make it a bit easier on myself and so i won't have to keep making up excuses as to why i can't do certain tasks

    Thanks again !!

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