can i be??


i am new to this but here goes

Me and my hubbie decided to start tryin after we came back from our honeymoon, but the only problem is i had a week left of my pill and i was so excited i stupidly decided only to take the pill every second day looking back i dunno why because my af is a no show and i have had spotting around the time i was due! i have taken a test which was a bfn on the day i was due!

Is there a chance i could have fell already? dont want to get my hopes up!

anyone any advice??



  • hi its poss but unlikely. unfortunately when you come off pill your body is messed up big time and can take a while to get back in a cycle. but good luck with the ttc! its good fun!

    Hayley xxx

  • Hi chick

    As you know, i was only off pill for 4 weeks when i got my bfp! Doc confirmed i was 4 weeks preg, so it mustve happened for me 1st time lol

    Good luck! I hope you are!!

    Sharon x

  • think may have got confused! have you stopped taking the pil completely? if so then yes def a chance have fallen already. if only missed few days then its a slim chance does that make sense? hope so!! xx
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