ahhh, this feels so good!

My 2 year old is in bed and I'm enjoying putting my feet up wearing my pjs, dressing down and slippers with a cuppa infront of the tv!!

What do all you pregnant ladies out there like to do with your alone time? I'm nearly 14 weeks pregnant and usually sooooo tired so this just feels like heaven to me.

Karys xx


  • I have too much spare time, you can have some of mine! It's my first baby and I'm not working either. Been applying for jobs & waiting to hear back from interview but it seems no-one's interested in employing a pregnant lady...Still I better enjoy it - 139 days left of it & I have a feeling he'll arrive early (just cos I'm not prepared!)
    20+2 x x x
  • Yes please! Please can I have your spare time. I'm in my third year of a law degree and have a little one too, although she goes to nursery during the day, but it's still hard work. When I'm finished this degree, I don't plan on getting a job until the youngest is at least 4. It costs too much to put them into day care!

    Just enjoy the time you have now. The first baby is usually late so I wouldn't worry!
  • Spare time I wish !! Just found out I'm pregnant, only 5weeks (I think, not seen Dr yet) and I'm getting married in 16 days !! I'm currently taking a break from writing Christmas cards as if I don't have enough to do with wedding and baby stuff blooming Christmas is getting in the way too. Suz x
  • Am the same as you Tiger Lily! Had problems getting a job - soo many symptoms and like you say people dont want to employ pregnant women. I have just enroled on 4 part time college courses starting in January just to keep busy!
  • I love just lying on my bed watching the telly! So comfy and no one can bother me!!


  • i come on here and sit on my exercise ball to keep me going...only a few days to go hopefully as i will kill mw if she dont give me a sweep tomorrow!
    someone suggested playing free online games too which has amused me today!

    ooh and dont laugh but today i made cookies, and then made a snowman out of saltdough!!! was sooooooooo bored!!! lol
    xxx holly (will be 40+5 in an hour and a 40 mins!)
  • lol poor hollylizzy love biscuits but snowman made me laugh lol....... my me time is readin a book in bed while oh is playing ps2 in lounge. although he does get yelled out to turn it down as he likes racing games so all i can hear is screeching tires lol. this is my 1st and i'm working full time. i'll not be entitled to the work statutory maternity pay only government one image i'm a temp so not contracted. glad i am in a way as it means that i'm not tied to it lol and don't feel pressured to come back after having the baby. i have a lot of me time at mo as oh is driving me nuts. feels like he's watching me constantly... i'm a bit of a hormone train ridde at mo lol
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