sickness, fainting and dizzyness!help?

Hey all, iv been feeling really sick,hot ,dizzy and fainty tis morning, it seems to have worn off for now. Is this normal?has ne1 else exerianced this?should i phone midwife to make sure? thanks guys xxx


  • Hey love, how far along are you?
    I've been having episodes of the same sort of thing (esp since the weather got warmer!) and I think it is considered normal up to a point. If you get headache, start actually being sick, get any stomach pains or swell up u must call mw cos then it could be related to your bp.
    Hope you feel better soon - keep an eye on it and if u really feel unwell, call mw to be on safe side
    Claudia 34+2 xxxx
  • Hi was being sick & feeling faint all yhe time I admit I am only 14 weeks now still get the odd occasion I did speak to mw about it & my blood pressure was a bit low nothing 2 worry about was just told 2 try & eat little & often xxx
  • Thanku so much guys thats a relief to know that its normal. Im 32+2. I think i was just panicking even more coz i no i have work this avo etc xx
  • i would just relax and take it easy then luv and hopefully you will be feeling better soon. It could be the heat outside (depending where you are) affecting you, otherwise if it comes back then i would consider just giving the midwife a ring for some reassurance.

  • no worries love, i have definitely noticed more dizzy spells in the last 2-3 weeks, esp if i overheat, stand up too quick or get too hungry. Spoke to my mw about it and she said it to be expected cos of changes in blood flow etc at this stage.
    Hope you feel better soon honeyxxx
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