Calling all cat owners!

Why is it as soon as i stop worrying about one thing then something else crops up. I currently have 3 cats which unfortunately have all been house cats for the past 7 years. I am now worrying about toxoplasmosis after reading about it a bit more on the net (bloody internet)

My oh is obviously changing the litter tray so i have nothing to do with that. I jus keep reading conflicting stuff. some pages say that its fine to carry on stroking and having your cat on your lap. somewhere else says always wash your hands after being with a cat which is pretty impossible!

Is there anyone else out there with cats that has not had any problems and carried on as usual apart from the litter tray? Keep worrying now that if i touch anything that the cat has touched i'll catch it. Can toxoplasmosis be caught from furniture and stuff?

Please help

Jules x x Approx 6 +2


  • You can get it from furniture like if the cat sits on the sofa (bum area in contact with sofa) and you touch that area and put your fingers near your mouth there's a chance you could catch it. Like if you decide to eat a snack and forget to wash your hands etc.

    So just be careful that way, but being with your cats is ok as long as you wash hands before eating.
  • hi,i have 2 house cats and a dog,my midwive told me to clean my hands after everytime i touched them but lets face it thats impossable,i carried on as normal except the litter tray obviously,my cats n dog wanted on me more while i was pregnant and i didnt have a problem with that,because their house cats i knew where they had bn what they had eaten so i wasnt worried,so i wouldnt be to worried Lennons 6 months now and hes fine,i hope this helps you a little and helps put your mind a little at ease;\)
  • Hey hun, we have a cat (who is generally dirty and disgusting, but he has stomach cancer so I'll let him off lol) and this is what I've heard. If you grew up with cats or have lived with a cat for a while, it's more than likely you've been in contact with (or caught a mild form of) the toxoplasmosis virus at one point, and are now immune to it. Seeing as you've kept cats for 7 years, this probably applies to you. However, if you're really worried then you can get yourself tested for immunity, or get your cats tested & if they have it, kept by someone else or in a cattery for a while. You'd have to pay to have it done privately though. More pregnant women contract toxo cos they have a weakened immune system...but it's still rare...and mainly contracted by HIV sufferers. Hope this helps.

    20+2 x x x
  • My cat is not a house cat so no litter trays, but I've never bothered washing my hands after handling her... some times it would be a neverending task!! I'm 37+5 and have had no problems.

    I was advised in addition to not dealing with litter trays to wear gloves if gardening just so you don't come into contact with cat muck. Not that I garden anyway...but it was a good excuse!

    The only thing we've been careful with is when the cat has thrown up I've let hubby clean it up cause we weren't sure if puke should be avoided too.
  • My cats not a house cat either - don't think I could deal with the litter trays! Changing a babys nappy's going to be bad enough. When he has had an 'accident' I just get my mum to clear it up.
  • I have 2 cats and I was a bit worried about this too. I was careful and tried to remember to wash my hands but its easy to forget. I didn't change the litter but I did stroke them and let them sit on my lap. My son is 7 months old and fine. He loves the cats and we have started to let him stroke them, washing his hands after. Its easy to worry about every little thing but its so rare for there to be any problems so try to relax!
  • I was petrified about this as i have 3 indoor cats too, and hubby cleans litter trays out but when i was bout 3 months my cat had 6 kittens and i had to help her give birth as one was breeched so i had to pull it out for her (obv i wore gloves) but then i had to look after them all for 3 months (my hands were so sore from washing them every second) for me the worry was worms as cats are born with worms and it can affect babies sight!! as he hasn't arrived yet i'm still stressing about it, i was careful but it really is playing on my mind!!

    Samantha 36+3
  • I also worry about this - My hubby does the litter but does anybody know about the cat puke thing? I keep forgetting to mention it to mw. Px
  • i would say don't clean up cat puke because of worms! although i had to do it last night as 2 minutes after my husband left for work my cat threw up and couldn't leave it on the rug all night for hubby to come home! i just made sure i didn't actually touch it then washed hands thoroughly!!
  • I was worried about this when i first found out i was pregnant so had some antiseptic gel and tried using it everytime i touched kitty. But found this impossible as he sits with me and sleeps with me and i stroke him all the time. Asked MW at scan appointment and she said it was nothing to worry about, dont do his tray and was hands before eating. He sits on worktops as well so i use dettol b4 prep'ing any food.
    Im trying not to worry bout it now though as i read its a very low possibility of me catching it within these 9 months if i've had him for 6 years and not caught it yet!
    x x x x
  • Im glad this has been brought up as i was worrying about this the other week when i was off work ill and i was sat on the internet reading about toxoplasmosis. Now im stressing about it too. i have a cat and although i have tried to be careful by washing my hands after handling him and before touching food etc. im still worried about it. we dont have a little tray though as he goes outside so dont have to deal with that. I realised the other day though that he had worms and have wormed him now. He did throw up the other night but i wore gloves and cleaned it up and then chucked the gloves out and washed my hands thoroughly.

    I dont think you can possibly wash your hands after touching your cat all the time can you? I try but sometimes if i need to put him out during teh night, i will just sleepily climb back into bed and forget to wash my hands.

    I read somewhere about one third of people will have caught toxoplasmosis by thier 30s and once you have had it you are immune to it. I have been around cats all my life and lived on a farm for 24 years and i handled lambs etc. and when i was a child i cant say i was that religios with washing my hands. Before i got pregnant, i never wore gloves when gardening so i am telling myself i am sure to be one of those people who have had it before now. (im hoping)!!

    I didnt know worms in cats caused eyesight problems in babies. And i didnt know you can catch toxo. from your furniture. If thats the case then i am doomed!!
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