sorry to gate crash but .......


i do alot of running but am getting a little worried as the whether this might be bad for TTC , sooo just wondered if any of you lucky ladies did alot of running when you got your BFPs ???

im 3DPO and am supposed to be going for a run tonight , feeling a little nervous as the whether is should go or not !! xxxx

thank you xx:\?


  • hey lil kim i wouldn't have thought running would've affected ttc in bad way if anything i would think its a good thing as you would be fit and healthy although if you get your bfp dont stop running but be careful not to go OTT or do to much really strenuous exercise
    exercise is a good thing which can be continued into pregnancy
    hope this helps
    hope you get your bfp
    baby dust to you
  • Thanks Mummydube you have made me feel alot better about it and i will go for a run tonight !! xxx
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