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Posted in TTC as well...please help

Hi ladies,
Well I'm on cd31 and my cycle lasts 33-35 days usually. From my working out I'm 11dpo. This month I really thought we'd done it, I felt so sure, like I knew somehow.

When I went to the toilet half an hour ago there was a little brown discharge when I wiped. So this is either my period starting or implantation. If it's af I am absolutely gutted...completely devastated. On the other hand I don't want to get my hopes up thinking that it's implantation. The one thing that's making me sway towards implantation is that I'm only 11dpo.

Please help ladies. Realistically how common is implantation bleeding? I've googled it but I'd like to hear from real people. I'm crying as I type this as I know it's probably not our month after all. It's bound to be our turn soon


  • I dont know hun to be honest but if it is AF u'll soon know hun. Plus is it like all ur other Af's? xx
  • Thanks for your reply excitedmummy.

    TBH it's not really like my other AFs. I usually get very crampy the day before AF arrives but not this time. I am crampy today but more like wind or constipation than AF. Oh i don't know what to think. I know I'll find out for sure soon but I just feel so frustrated with not knowing. xx

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  • Hi
    i got my bfp yesterday at 12dpo. I normally get spotting every month before my af starts. On monday at 11dpo i had some pink spotting and have had period pains so was really dissapointed thinking we hadn't done it this month but didnt have any further spotting yesterday so tested and got bfp!
    Really hope its implantation for you, best of luck x
  • Thanks Ricecake! I guess time will tell for me. I just need to find patience from somewhere! Congrats on your BFP, when's your due date? Is this your first? xxx
  • Think i'm due March 9th. This is my third baby. Got my fingers crossed for you that you'll be joining us in due in march.x
  • Good luck rachwill and congratulations ricecake! x
  • Thank you, I'm keeping everything crossed that I'm not out just yet! xx
  • I got everything crossed for you too! x
  • I had implantation bleeding about a week after my AF was due, it was very light brown then pink when I wiped and lasted for about 2 days, I have my fingers firmly crossed for you xxx

  • I had what i think was an implantation bleed the day before my af was due, then i had a week of bfn's before getting a bfp a whole week later! xxx

    A, 10+3 XX
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