My baby proposed Christmas Eve! It was so sweet, we were sitting around the fire pit in the garden. My Dad had decorated to garden in lights and it looked lovely. So Marc took me to the end of the garden and we sat all cosy around the fire and he started saying lovely things, like how he has had such a great year and that he wished he had an engagement ring to give me....then...the dog came over and set he's tail on fire! So he was a little put of...but he carried on to say that he wished he had a ring to give me...the next thing he was on he's knee with the most amazing diamond ring I have ever seen and asked me to marry him, ofcourse i said yes. It was perfect. My ring is amazing, I am sooo lucky! Not set a date yet as its all been very exciting. So i had the best Christmas ever! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I know I got everything I aksed for imageimageimage



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