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Morning Sarah

Saw your post on the sweep topic. How are u? How long have you been in slow labour for? I have been since 6th Jan!! Grr

I am now 2cm (well a week past Fri when i last got checked), would like to think im more now but im not sure :\?

It is sooo frustrating eh? When hospital told me i was 1cm on the 6th, i assumed within days id have my baby girl, but here i am 3 weeks later still waiting image

Whens ur due date? Im due on Wed. Ive been having stronger pains the last 2 days, so hoping something is happening more now.

Sharon x x


  • Hiya =]

    I've been in slow labour 2 weeks today, im fed up now,
    im also 2cm dilated and having pains, its not fair.

    Im due exactly a week after you..........4th feb
    Im so fed up,

    How are you coping?

    My pains go stronger for a few hours and then they wear off!!

    Hope we both have our little girls very soon!!

  • Yup im the same!

    Was in pre term labour 20th jan, got kept in over night, but the contractions stopped. Everyone was convinced she would arrive over xmas and new year but nope!! :roll:

    Then 6th Jan i was back in and was 1cm dilated and last week i was 2cm, so i dunno whats going on :\?

    I really thought she would be here by now. The pains get stronger at times, mostly at night for some reason, but ease off, im starting to think she will never come out :lol:

    Is this your 1st baby?
    Sharon xx


  • Hi =]

    Yes my pains are stronger at night when im lying in bed, they were really strong walking round asda this morning i felt like i needed to stop and sit down....and now just period type cramps!

    No this is my 2nd baby, my 1st baby is still a baby lol shes 15months old, her name is daisy =]

    Is this your 1st?

    Sarah xx
  • Hi Sarah!

    Yes she is my 1st baby image

    I was at mw today as its my due date today and she did another sweep, so praying this one works :roll:

    Im still only 2cm tho :x :x


    How are u feelin 2day?
  • Fingers crossed this sweep works! I have another appointment with midwife the day after im due so i hope i dont make it to then, i think i will crack up.

    Im feeling ok today, just still gettng pains, it hurts when the baby moves now, like when she turns her head or sometin coz i get sharp shooting pains in my pelvis!

    Just want it to be over and done with!

    Really hope your sweep works =]

  • Aww thats how i feel, i said id carck up if i reach my due date and here i am!! :evil:

    Yeah hope it works, although she wasnt as rough as the other mw last time, im sure the rougher they do it the better :\?

    Just have to wait and see....

    Yeah the pains are really sharp eh? im sure she owns a wee knife in there hehe x
  • Yeh haha, well i had a sweep with daisy coz i was 5 days over and it worked and the m/w wasnt rough at all, in hosp last week when i had one, it hurt alot and it didnt work so dont write it off just yet!!

    I do hope it works, i feel crap and im not even at my due date yet and your looking at goin over yours =[ not fair!!

    Do you have names for you lo yet?

  • Yes were calling her Jaimi-Lee.

    Do you know what u are having? If so, you got a name set?

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