anyone else getting dead legs in the night?? worried!

hi ladies
just need a little advice!
i have recently had a little op on base of my spine - big abcess removed and it is stil open wound. i was just 4 months when i had it done and although things were getting uncomfy at night, there was nothing like the hassle i have getting comfy at night ever since - i reasoned to begin with as i wasnt sitting or being able to lie on back all day or night - imagine the throwing myself over in the night from side to side as cant lie on belly either obvs lol, but i then quickly started to find that my legs kept going dead and were v painful if i didnt move every half hour or so and tbh i havent had a decent night sleep ever since, i have tried the bump pillow and sleeping with pillow between legs and dont nec sleep with one leg on top of joy
i am now almost 5 months so bump getting bigger and i am slightly concerned that this dead leg business is sth to be worried about - like they did sth when getting abcsess sorted, but then i realise alot going on in pelvis and hips when preg so i had put it down to that
i had docs appointment today (as well as my daily dressing appnt for abcsess) and was going to ask doc about it hten but she was funny about docs note to enable me to be off work and never even consulted nurses or had a look at the wound (- outpatients who saw me at weekend said i should not be considering work for at least another couple of weeks due to risk of infection and things opening up that had only just healed) she gave me a note that ran from my old one expiring weds, to run to next mon - so a note for 2 days in effect - so i guess i'll have to take up another slot on fri to go see her again when i need another week and so on cos stil an open wound on which i cant even sit let alone drive to work etc....

ok sorry for rant - any advice ont he dead legs much appreciated!!!

jane n bump
19 wks today xxxx


  • ouch! was that a pilonidal abcess? poor you and that doc sounds rubbish, maybe try to see someone else! I've been having restless legs and had a very bad cramp yesterday morning but haven't had anything like what you have. as you've had recent surgery it might be worth seeing the consultant who did your op?
    Ames x
  • I have been suffering from dead legs in bed. Cant tell you the reason though but it hasnt been worrying me as im sure its yet another lovely preg symptom. My hips also ache when im in bed for a while.

    Lindsay 26+3
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