Newborns - how many nappy changes a day?

Hi Girls,

I'm now 30wks & starting to stock up on baby essentials like nappies & wipes whenever I see them on offer. But I'm just wondering, can any second time (or more!) mums tell me roughly how many nappy changes you go through a day for a newborn?

Many thanks! xx


  • hi to be honest i cant remeber exactly but im sure it was at least 6/7 nappies a day, more if they are changing during the night. i think it may also depend if you are breast or bottle feeding (i bottle fed).i think they pretty much need changed after every feed and they generally take a bottle at least every 4 hours (more often at first if they dont take very much)...hope that helps and havent confused you even more! its so exciting buying nappies etc i cant wait til im nearer my time to do that too!
  • bout 6-7 depends like lauragcam sed.
  • yumyum, is that a little leg i can see in ur scan pic?lol thats sweet!!
  • I am having my third baby and I was told with both to change babys nappy before or after each feed- which is about 6 or 7 times a day depending on baby and then just if baby does a number 2 in between times (which I don't think happened me very often.

    I have bought pampers nappies (as I did with my other two kids) I bought two packs of the newborn size one (72 nappies in each) and two packs of the size two (36 in each). I know this is enough to get me through the first few weeks. I won't buy any more tho coz you don't know what size your baby will be and as they are quite expensive you don't want to be wasting any!!

    As for wipes I have two packs left aside- but you will need cotton wool balls as the mw advises you not to use wipes at the start.
  • hi my lo is 5 weeks and gets through between 6-10 nappies a day. i started using pampers but have swapped to tesco's nappies as they are equally as good and much cheaper. you will also need LOTS of cotton wool. i started using baby wipes at 3 weeks as my lo produces very full nappies! good luck
  • Hi I would say anything from 8-10 a day and depending on the nappy whether it is dirty or not you needs loads of baby wipes. I use Boots own nappies as I had to use them when she was born as she was premature and boots do low birth weight nappies. These are good. I am using Sainsbury own baby wipes at the minute and they are fragrance free although any wipes which are fragrance free are good.
  • Thanks for your advice girls - that's really useful!

    So far I've bought 2 packs of Pampers newborn 1 (4-11lb) and 4 packs of Huggies newborn 2 (7-13lb) so these should cover me for about 3 weeks.

    Time to stock up on the cotton wool balls then!

    ps. hi hollylizzy, yes that is a little leg you can see! Although that scan seems so long ago now! :\) x
  • carefull with swapping brands they might irritate yr los bum. i was told to try to stick to one brand xxx
  • lol hmmmm i wasn't sure what the difference between pampers and huggies were. I've been looking at stuff to check prices as i get further along. why'd they charge phenomonal prices for someting so small image
  • when i had my LO huggies were smaller then pampers so i'd use them first and the size 2 pampers didnt seem much different to size 1 so i went from 1's to 3's and you can buy boxes of 3's from asda which makes them cheaper, depends how long you want to use new baby nappies for. oh yeah and the question you asked think it was about 6/7 (everyfeed and poo's in between) HTH
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