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What foods are a No No?

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my second and should remember this from first time round. What can't we eat? Is it soft cheeses, goats cheeses, anything else out of bounds? Shellfish? Ta. Need to dig my pregnancy book out again but we are in the middle of a moving!


  • I think u can eat soft cheese but not goats cheese or mould ripened cheeses ie Stilton, I think the cheese has to be pasturised? U can't have liver, so no pate! image and eggs have to be cooked thoroughly so know runny yolk! There's probably more but I can't remember anymore, I think
    the nhs website says what u aren't allowed to eat XX oh and congrats on the pregnancy! XX
  • Off the top of my head:

    - liver
    - pate
    - soft cheese / blue vein cheese
    - no soft eggs (though this one's debatable)
    - no rare meat
    - no swordfish or shellfish
    - limit tuna to 2 cans a week

    emmm think that's all but someone else might know of a few I've forgot xx
  • u can eat shellfish as long as u are certain that it is fresh and well cooked, and served piping hot (ie u can have prawns in a homemade curry, but no prawn sarnies from the corner shop)...nuts depen,d on ur family history, if u ahve a history of allergy, asthma, eczema, food intolerance etc then it is suggested that u avoid all nuts, otherwise u can tuck in (inc peanuts).
    and the rest is as the other ladies say -no soft cheese, ie brie, camambert, no mould ripened cheese, ie stilton, but cheddar, emmental, mozzerella, paramsan, feta, cheese spread, ie philly, are all pat????, be it liver (and no other form of liver either) or vegetable, no runny/soft/sunny side up eggs (shop bought mayo, icecream etc is fine, but homemade is a no no), limit ur tuna intake, limit ur caffeine intake...

    just make sure as well that everything u eat is fresh and within use by dates...also be wary of pre packed salads or salad bars (i got food poisoning at 5weeks pregnant from the salad bar at a well known 'restaurant/pub' chain)

    also, remember, these things aren't restricted because day to day they're risky but because when ur pregnant ur immune system is lower so ur more susceptible to nasties, so i can never understand the train of thought that is 'well i've never had salmonella before so i'll continue to eat dippy egg' as its not the same, ur more likely to get it when pregnant, the risk is higher, iyswim?

    oh, and congratz! xx 29+0
  • Hi-ya, I'm a big tuna fan so just wanted to add you just need to limit to 4 cans a week or 2 fresh tuna steaks. 4 cans of tuna equates to about 6 rounds of sandwiches xxx
  • Wash all salads and raw vegetables very thoroughly too.

    I thought I was allowed to eat goats cheese? I certainly have been. Oops.
  • Thanks ladies. Think i've got it! Thanks for that wowbaby, didn't think about it being down to the fact our immune systems are lower so can't fight off nasties so well!

    Salks, sounds like goats cheese is fine as long as pasterised! I do love shellfish so good to know can still have it in curries etc!
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