Pregnant or Not??

Hey everyone, hope you all are well. Strange thing, ive done 4 home pregnancy tests and they have all come back positive. I went to the doc's today to have it confirmed and when they did their pregnancy test on me, it came back negative once then positive on the second try? Can anyone give me some advice? I would be about 5 weeks if i am pregnant! x Hope you can help:\?


  • did the dr do blood test think they are more accurate. but sounds as if you are.

    fingers crossed

    love becsxx
  • hi becs no they didnt, they told me to wait and see in about a week. im in complete limbo, dont no what to think. I would be over the moon if i was, but now im unsure. i feel different, boobs hurt like hell and cant sto going to the toilet, lol x
  • really hope you get that bfp! sounds so promising although the waiting to find out will be hell!

    good luck becs x
  • sounds like you are far more likely to get neg than pos result esp that many so looks like congrats in order!! i would keep doing the tests if it were me! i did do 6 in all xx
  • lol, thought i was mad doing so many! the lines on the test i have done have been faintish, is that a bad thing or still good! x
  • I did 4 tests and thought I was mad as well but from being on here I've seen it's pretty normal! lol! It might have been a dud test. It's common to get a false negative but not a false positive unless ur on fertility drugs. So it does sound like ur pregnant! x
  • it sounds like you are pregnant i heard it is almost inposible to get a positive resolt if you arnt preg.
    keep testing it could be that you arnt very far gone and thats why the resolts are faint, good luck hun and let us know what happens xxxx

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