just been the midwife

and everything is ok! it was my 25 week checkup.

i had a listen to the heartbeat and apparently she is extremely active, but i knew that from all the kicks im getting :lol:

next one is at 28 weeks.

was told about visits and tours around maternity ward, has anyone done this?


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  • hi hun,

    congrats! glad everything is well and good! i havent seen my maternity ward yet but then im only 15+4 lol i will definitely be going for a look when i get the opportunity though

  • i saw my midwife this mrning 2,i'm 28 weeks.She never mentioned anything bout looking round my hospital or about a birth plan or antenatal appointments.Does anyone know when they usually do this?i've got my nxt appointment at 32 wks x
  • i am 35 weeks and havent been offerd a tour round the hospital, i didnt with my first ether. mabie you have to ask.


  • im not really fussed as i already have 1 child so thought maybe thats y she hasnt said anythin 2 me!cnt remember when u do ur birth plan tho,probably nearer the end int it!
  • Hey ladies

    I am 28+5 today and was at antenatal yesterday. And that was when I was shown around the birthing rooms and what they look like. Nice rooms actually. God postnatal was so noisy with all the babies crying.

    I'm only seeing my MW again at 30 for more blood to be taken and anti D injection. I was rather embarrassed at the antenatal yesterday cause there has been so much going on with me being Rhesus negative and having GBS. I had so many questions to ask. Of course most woman dont know they have it or they dont test for it. So everyone started getting panicky about what if they ahve it. When they should come in. And why some are having anti D injections. Why shouldn't they....

    OOps!!! Caused a right stir...
  • Hi kell

    i think our local hospital does tours at set times every thurs (cant remember if its 1 or 3pm) and you just turn up so i was told (although when i had my daughter a few years ago you had to book)

  • hi kell
    i had antenatal class tues night & again next tues & thats when we get shown around the hospital. we have the classes every month and you just chose when to go - in my case @ 35/36wks! i shall have a look - even though i'm pretty sure i want a home birth.

    tashy1 - did you get tested for strep-B privately? i have a pack which i have mentioned to one of the midwifes who just ignored me really. as they dont test first time mums its only if you have had it in previous births!

    gemma x
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