How did you decide on baby's name?

Just wondering how everyone decided on baby's name. We still can't decide. I feel so overwhelmed that I have such a special thing to do in choosing baby's name - I don't want to get it wrong! Plus we are so indecisive! We like so many names!



  • I think we found it easier cos we didnt like many names my hubbys really fussy!!! and it was one of the only names we could agree on. good luck deciding xxx
  • Lol apple jack! I don't seem to be taken with any that hubby is really taken with. I think I maybe need to see the baby and it might get easier????
  • yeah you never know it might pop out and then a name will just feel right. i wanted us to have a couple of reserves for when hes born. Incase when he pops out the name we've picked doesnt feel right for the little fella. Hubby doesn't agree though - typical! xxx
  • Lol - love the way you decided Zoey! I have sat with all 12 registers at school looking for names, I'm sure the secretary thinks I'm mad! Don't know what we're having so need boys and girls names. Can't even think about a middle name tho! xxx
  • We were watching 'The Patriot' when I was about 10 weeks - he suggested Gabriel casually, thinking I wouldn't like it but I did! And thankfully we are having a boy, as we kept arguing over girls names!

    I love Gabriel because it isn't common, and can be shortened to Gabe which is sooo cute. I don't like names that don't suit an adult either...

    Oh and most people in my family hate it, but we couldn't care less! My dad said, 'Are you sure he will be able to live with it?' I said, 'What am I going to call him BOB just cos its easy to live with?!'


  • I love the name Gabriel! I think it's different.
  • My 1st son was called Keiran because I knew his 2nd name would be Patrick (family name) and it just clicked! My 2nd son is called Oliver - after kitten in Oliver & co coz keiran used to sing theme to it to bump, William (family name)! If I was having a girl she would be called Patsy Jayne (mum and nans names) but no, am having a 3rd boy Thomas Michael James (Tommy - we love it, other 2 family names!).

    Good luck hon!!!
  • Hi Tiger Lily - Just dropped in on your forum (I'm from the ttc forum)... We are going to name our second Gabriel, hopefully we'll have another boy... We also love the name and have done for ages... We named our first Saul and I think they go together perfectly... Also we like Noah, but thats becomming too popular...

    Good choice...

  • my OH and i are huge fans of the charlatans so it Burgess for a boy after the lead singer tim burgess or Brooke for a girl after the guitarist john brooke its was goona be charlotte -anne but the geek oh wanted to spell it charlat-an til i told him what a charlatan was haha
  • We looked on the bounty website for uk's top 100 names - we didn't want a really popular one but again not one too obscure chose Callum first time round and Kyran 2nd time. Totally stuck this time, it's a little girl - got loads of books out from library and looking through baby mags. but not really inspired. Hubby likes Nicole, I did like Elise but now I think I want something english and traditional but not too popular. oooh, sooo confused.
  • my boys have biblical names - James - its his dads name too - but he gets called J and isaac-Elijah - who we just call Isaac. this 1 will either be Malachi or Noah. I do like their names but Admitidly their dad was the 1 who had the most influence over their names (although we did come to a compromise - u would laugh if u heard some of he names he suggested) - but if id had it all my way id have a Callum a Connor and this 1 would be Kaden.
  • My LO is called Spencer (Spence for short) Drew. My hubby's g'dad was Spencer and although we didn't set out to name our son after anyone we just loved the name and couldn't get passed it. His middle name is Drew cos it's my maiden name and I wanted it included! We wanted something traditional but not too popular and so far he's the only Spencer I've seen.
    We have an unusual surname which makes it quite hard to find a name that fits.
  • So far we have agreed on William James ( or James William ) they are our fathers middle names. Hubby is really taken with Isabelle Eva for a girl, I quite like Eva Grace though. I also like a load of names he doesn't like Olivia, Katie, Ella, Amelia.

    Other boy names I like are Harry, Jack, Oliver.... but we seemed to have agreed on a boys name its a name for a girl thats the sticking point!
  • hi ya we called our little girl Rubie marie cos ruby is my birth stone and marie is my mums fits perfectly.
  • I love the way people have thought of the names for their baby! I will talk to hubby and see what we can come up with! Thanks so far everyone.
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