hows your week? WARNING contains some swear words.

i just got an email from a friend who was having a bad week so i thought id tell her about mine and reading it back it made me chuckle at the patheticness that is my life/week so i thought i'd share,
i've just copy and pasted it from email so ignore references to names etc.
want to give you all a big (all be it cyber hug) cos i bloody wish someone would give me one.
bet i could give you a run for your money!
i'll list em its easier.
1, new student with tourettes, i told her not to try and supress her ticks as everyone at the college has one form of disability or another so now when she see's me she shouts FAT TITS, FAT TITS, FAT C**T FUCKING BABY
2, another new lad was openly wanking while looking at my ever growing bosoms.
3, Richards being a C**T to louise again so had to listen to all that has been going on. which i know is my duty as a friend but its a bit repetitive.
4, me and marc had a massive row last night about him snoring due to blocked nose and sounding like a wind turbine and he called me a fucking miserable bitch. (despite me offering him sinex a MILLION times)
5, arguing with beth this morning when i told her not to go in front room cos marc was on the couch and she ignored me. when said i specifically told you not to go in there she said i specifically chose not to hear you! which prompted me into nearly knocking her head off.
6, budget cuts at work mean that head chef snatched a pastuerised yoogurt out of my hand and told me i could only have a greek yoghurt (they had prepared with banana etc) and i called her a fucking little power crazed hitler in front of collegues and students. so now waiting for a carpeting plus im not allowed greek fecking yogurt apparently cos of listeriosis.
7, i have not spoken to my mother in over 3 weeks cos of a blazing row over mine and my sisters kids and her blatant favouritism. i work with her so everyone at work knows about the row and i have to pass her in corridors etc.
8, the woman who gives me a lift to work has left and now its going to cost me ??30 a week in taxi's cos there are no bus routes that way and i only earn about ??90.
THANK FUCK tomorrow is friday, i dont have to work HE is at work and SHE is at school so i dont have to look or speak to either of them.
so hows your week haha?


  • Oh artygal as much as it sounds like you've had a shit week I couldn't help laugh at your email.
    My friends brother has tourettes so I'll wait eagerly for him to shout at me about my boobs and belly. I do sometimes find their honestly refreshing, probably just saying what everyone else is thinking.
    Hope you have a wonderful day off tomorrow. Suz x
  • Poor you! But that was so entertaining (sorry if it wasn't meant to be), I nearly cried laughing.
    Things can only get better, can't they?!
  • Sorry that had me in giggles! Nice to know that I am not the only one who has bad weeks! Hope next weeks better!Tammi xxx
    33.5 wks
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