Veet or Imac??

Ok, help me choose girls.
Im getting desparate to shave 'down below'.. I cant see what im doing anymore lol.. so instead of struggling and breaking into a sweat doing it Im thinking of using Immac or veet to do the job.
But I have never used either of these before, so not sure which is the best to use.. which has best results with least irritation?
Any advise will help girls.. thanks
caz xx


  • hi as far as i am aware they are the same. i used to use immac but then thought it changed its name to veet, i might be wrong, but in any case id suggest getting the 'in-shower' one as the hair comes away so easily with a rough sponge that comes with it (much better than the scraper thing that comes with the ordinary ones). very quick and lasts so much longer than shaving.
  • ha ha, i knew my hormones were playing up.. so is my mind. I should have realised they were the same thing.. derrrrrrr. I just never bought them before so didnt realise.
    I wil get the in shower one.. sounds like a good option.. thanks hun.

    Are these the only ones out there? and are they the best?
    caz x
  • i think you can get supermarket own brand ones, and i think superdrug do one but i have never tried them, only veet/imaac.there is a sensitive one aswell i think it is pink but i might be wrong, i just use the normal green one tho asnd have had no problems.
  • I think I read somewhere not to use hair removal cream when you are pregnant (coz of chemicals). I could be wrong though but would check just to make sure.
  • I just slap on a load of veet/immac once a fortnight now as i cant see a damn thing down there!image
  • ohhh.. not supposed to use it? ARGHHH I hope this isnt right or im stuffed. lol
    I never had this problem so early on with my other 2.. I even remember shaving (in a fashion) the night i was in labour with my 1st ha ha.
    best read up on whether can or not. thanks
    caz x
  • i posted on here a few weeks ago asking if it was safe casue that was something i wondered about and anyone who answered said they knew it was fine.
  • have it waxed!!! saves time and lasts longer i had mine done 2 days before i went into labour!!! xx
  • Hi,

    I have heard your not supposed to use it too
  • oh dear i used hair removal cream through beg part of preg instead of waxing! my son seems ok at 7 months though but will def check out for next time xx
  • my friend (isnt pregnant) but she used this the other day and came out really allergic to it. she had a massive sore in her grion area, and we all laughed at her cos when she was drunk she kept telling people she had a weeping gash!!! nice. i would defo advise a test area
  • Neither!
    I've read the effects of depilatory creams on the unborn baby are unknown. You could have a professional waxing, although your skin might be more sensitive now. I've been using an epilator since pregnancy on my legs (I tried epilating underarms but it was too painful!)
    I wouldn't risk using creams, personally.

    Hope this helps,
  • I agree with the allergy test thing. Was going to my hubbies Summer bbq at London Business school last year (b4 pg) and used the in shower veet (for sensitive skin I think). Had it on for much less than the recommended 5 mins and could feel it burning so got it off quick but it had actually blistered all the skin on my legs. They were weeping and sore and I couldn't apply fake tan or anything and didn't have time to go shopping so had to wear my jeans with a nice top instead - was gutted and my legs were a total mess for weeks afterwards so apply with caution - even when not pregnant. I have also heard that you shouldn't use when pregnant but don't know if that still stands. Good luck ladies. Paula x
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