more bleeding, back ache & tummy ache

nice smile Joel!


  • Feel like shit! I just completely broke down this morning, dh felt so useless but he was brilliant! Im just not coping at all. I feel like im in limbo, if im going to m/c then i just want it over with and if everything is okay then i want the bleeding and aches to stop. I can't go on like this - i've got other crap going on in my life and im struggling to cope with it all. I've put on a bit of weight (not pg related) and i feel fat and ugly and to be honest have had enough! I hate not having any control over whats happenig to me and knowing there is nothing i can do. Sorry for the moan just don't know what to do anymore.
  • Hiya babe,
    Unfortunately I cant offer much advice because I never went through this.
    The fact that you saw a heartbeat the other day is a good sign and there have been positive outcomes from some other ladies who have been through this but am sure at this time it can be no consolation to you.
    I do feel for you and I do understand where the hating not being in control is coming from. I have gone from being "an independant, stubborn bitch" as quoted from oh to a crying wreck who cant move somedays coz of SPD. I too feel fat and useless a lot of the time - hormones and loss of control can do strange things to your mind!!!!! Being able to come on here and finding out other people feel the same is a live saver some days - other wise it could be quite a lonely experience.
    Is there any possibility of you going back to EPU today seeing as the bleeding has started again?
    Thinking of you,
    Take care,
    Love Lee
  • Hiya, sorry to hear your feeling crap again. I won't go thru what happened to me again but it was the same as u and it is really awful being in limbo, not knowing if ur going to lose the baby or not.

    This sounds so awful but sometimes I wished I would lose the baby just so I could try and get on with my life and stop worrying. Of course I didnt really wish that, I would've been devastated, but just so I knew what was happening.

    The heartbeat the other day was a brilliant sign, and I'm sure this one will stick. Don't worry too much because bleeding is just 1 of those things that happens to some of us... xxxx

  • oh i'm so sorry you feel like that hun. The control thing is hard when pg, felt the same too, esp as i bled several times also. I know its hard but try to relax. Plus you are allowed to gain some weight when pg, it is normal and even if its just because you are eating more thats fine too. You have to cope some how.Hoping that you feel better soon. Take care and sticky babydust for you. Filo x
  • hi, i've had a few episodes of bleeding and a lot of pain during my first 12 weeks and it scared me half to death and i felt all over the place when it happened so i know what you mean about lack of control..i just wanted to know either way! Anyway, as with many other ladies on here despite the bleeding i'm now 12 weeks today and had my 12 week scan last week and eveything is although nothing is ever 100% and theres still along way to go things are looking positive. So sending you big virtual hugs and hoping everything works out fine for you and its just one of those things..take care.xx
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