Last night...

Hi girls

Well some of you know how pants I felt all day yesterday, had a small fight with hubby on the way home and when I got home I burst into tears and could not stop crying.

Anyway hubby was very sweet and went out to get some bits from tesco's while I was laying down and I had stopped crying and just felt Rose kicking and moving so much, much stronger than I had ever felt her. So I put my hand on my tummy and felt her on my hand which is the first time this has happened. I then got a mirror and watched my tummy and I could not believe it, I was watching move and everything image

I was soooo pleased it was such an amazing thing image

K xx


  • Ah K-Lou thats lovely.
    i bet it instantly made you feel better too.
    I had a cry last night too - not sure what I'd do without my hubby right now. I'm an emotional wreck!!

  • Yeah it really did I was soooo pleased I was smiling from ear to earimage It did help. Sometimes a good ol cry can help you know, you just need to get it out.

    K xx
  • Maybe Rose realised how upset her Mummy was and wanted to cheer you up. I know Blob always makes me feel better when I'm feeling a little down


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  • Its so cook isnt it?!
    My hubby kissed my bump good night last night and it kicked him in the face!
    We were bothe really pleased!!!!
    26 + 3
  • hee hee it is very cool and it's nice to think she is cheering me up image

    I honestly am still so proud of it lol It just helped so much as I was feeling so rubbish yesterday and it was like she was just reminding me what its all for. See this morning I love being pregnant LOL

    K xx
    21+1 weeks
  • awwwww.... how lovley..... its the best feeling!!!
    k-lou i cant believe ur 21 weeks already!!!!!!...
  • awwww thats amazing honey, an instant mood lifter.
    i cant wait to be past this scary stage as im so worried all the time that something will go wrong.
  • I know LOL How fast does my pregnancy seem to be going. I have a few friends who are pregnant or has just had the babies and they seemed to be pregnant forever but mine is like flying by, in fact it;s very scary how fast it is going hee hee

    K XX
  • K-Lou that is so lovely - hope you are feeling a little cheerier today!

    xx Kittyboo 18+4
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