threatened miscarriage

Hi - I really need a bit of advice (this might be long).
I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy and have had a threatened miscarriage.

It started on Wednesday, I work nightshift and was asked to stay late to attend a meeting where I was told my job was under threat of redundancy. Obviously this is a bit of a shock. It ended up I couldn't sleep that day and called HR to say I wouldn't be on shift on Wednesday night.

I finally did get to sleep but when I woke up and went to the loo I noticed some discharge (brown), I was worried and called NHS24 who advised that I should go to the out of hours doctor at my local hospital (I was there at 2 in the morning). Nothing was done that night but I was advised to book an appointment at the early pregnancy unit at my maternity hospital - I tried to do this on Thurs but was told I need to be referred by my Doc! I eventually got through to my Doc and he made an appointment for Friday morning.

On Friday I noticed that the discharge was no longer brown but more red - this worried me even more and led to more tears.

I had an internal scan and this confirmed that I am indeed still pregnant - my worry now is that I am still bleeding. It's not like a period bleed but it's always there when I wipe.

I hope I haven't offended anyone by posting here. I'm worried sick -I've come into work tonight but it;s the last thing on my mind.

If anyone has any advice, please share this with me.


  • hi i dont have any experinece really im afraid, i did have bleed at 7+4 with my DD and everything turned out fine (that was red blood). if i were you i would call GP back and see what he says
    hope everything turns out ok for you xx
  • Hi hun, i had a threatened miscarriage over xmas/new year. It was awful but once i finally got a scan and seen my little bean was so reassuring! I bleed for a few more days after my scan then finally stopped. Did they find the site of bleeding on your scan? Just take it easy and rest up. If your still bleeding or worried in a day or two give your gp a call back. I'm sure everything will be fine xxx

    Cat xxx
  • Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Pregnancy is by no means easy, lol. I had brown discharge from 5 weeks until 13 weeks. I also had pink discharge and a big gush of blood. I went to the hospital numerous times and each time baby was still there, thank god. On my previous pregnancy I had a huge pain like a ripping sensation inside then I bled heavier than a period for at least 8 weeks. I didn't lose her either. It is not always doom and gloom to bleed. That said if you are worried and stressed go straight to the drs. If they don't help go to a & e. I hope it all works out fine for you. I have my fingers crossed.
    Kris 32+2
  • Hiya there.

    I know it sounds silly but try not to worry too much, if the scan shows that the baby is still there then they may be another reason for the bleed. I had bleeding in early preg that lasted for 3 weeks. I had a swab and it showed I had bacterial vaginosis and it cauing the bleed.

    I know it can be scary but if you're worried call the docs/maternity unit. That's what they're there for. Just try to be reassured that by your scan, baby is doing well.
    Take care xx
  • I had an intial bit of red blood at 7 weeks then it turned to brown blood within 30 mins, hardly anything only really spotting, went to hospital and had scan last week at 7 weeks all was fine, was sac and the heartbeat was flickering, brown spotting lasted for a week, not sure what it was proberley implantation bleeding, try not to worry.

    email me if you want to.

  • Hi - thank you for replying.

    I'm still bleeding - it's not heavy like a period but I have noticed a few darker spots but again nothing like my usual period - it's more just there when I wipe (TMI).

    I'm going to call the EPU in the morning and take it from there.

    I have no pains or cramps and my boobs are still sore and obviously I am very weepy.

    I can really see my work far enough, I have a consultation on possibly redundancy on Wednesday morning and it really is the last thing I need at the moment.

    I'm so grateful to have this site my poor Hubby doesn't know what to do for the best bless him.

    I just need to get things out in the open.

    I'll keep you updated with my progress.
  • HI - I thought I would add an up-date ..... I had another scan on Friday and the pregnancy is doing well - doubled in size from last weeks scan and was jumping about like a monkey!

    I am still bleeding but have been told that this happens to some women (not ideal but I would take anything to keep this pregnancy). I have another scan booked in for next Fri and I've to stay off work until the bleeding stops.

    I hope if you read this and have any concerns, you see your Doc right away. I can't tell you how much of a rollercoaster the last week and been but we are getting more and more positive now. I'm amazed just how strongly I feel about "lotti" and we've never even met!
  • glad to hear all is ok darclar. look after yourself
    Lisa xxx
  • glad to hear that everything is ok. hope all goes well for u and ur job.

    16weeks today
  • so glad everything is going well huni! plz keep us updated.
    luv clare

  • Ok glad to here all is well, I bled on and off for 7 days. I am ok now as well. Got 12 week scan on the 23rd Feb.

  • Hi this sounds like me i went to the epu clinic on fri told same thing threatened miscarriage its a new word as my midwife put it,Dont let that word worry you after i saw my scan and heartbeat i felt happy and got home to discover no brown spotting,which i had all week i was told at any time to come back to epu as a&e are fed up with people coming got my scan mid feb but if i see any more brown spott i be back but in the mean time keep focus and like me i really want this baby,just think of all the changes the body is going through so a bit of brown discharge her and there is understandable.
    9 +3
  • Hi,

    Glad everything seems to be going ok. I had some bleeding (some of which was heavy) on and off with both my little boy and this one. Apparently it does happen in some women, but not much they can do with it. This time round they gave me regular scans at the EPU until I had my 12 week scan, (they could see where the bleed was coming from in the later scan). I am now 35 weeks and counting down the days til she arrives. Def try and stay positive, if you can rest when your home, as it does seem to help.

    Jules x
  • glad all is ok hun. xxx
  • hi there im melissa im sixteen weeks pregnant i got rushed to hospital two days ago from the zoo i had a massive bleed it just kept gushing i lost three pints of blood, i have had a scan and there was baby somersaulting away with a strong heartbeat, they said it was a threatened miscarriage but also said my cervix was slightly open, im petrified im home now and i have stopped bleeding however im so scared after losing that much blood its not over has anyone got any advice or been through anything similar

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