Anyone watching this morning - kerry katona?

Just wondered if anyone else was watching this morning with kerry katona on and think she is lying out of her arse?? I used to like her but I am fed up with her always on tv and papers etc..

I am not proud but did try things when I was younger but it stopped there! Yet I have 2 friends whom are both addicted to cocaine yet dont admit it and are both still doing it whilst pregnant which I think is bang out of order and havnt really seen them since, but to me she seems like she is still on something?

Anyone else think the same?



  • Hiya chick, yeah ive just been watching it. And all the way through that interview she seemed "Spaced out" to me, as though she had taken something! She is a disgrace and shouldnt be shown on tv. mags. newspapers etc not when the money shes earning is probably going on some kind of disguisting drug. I liked her when she was with Brian Macfadden but cant stand the woman now xx
  • I was just thinking the same. She looks really out of it doesn't she! I can't believe she is now doing that MTV thing, she just doesn't learn does she. I actually feel sorry for her. She really is loosing it xxxx
  • Me too when she was younger and he left I thought she did well but now its just stupid I read yesterday that iceland have finally dropped her cause she is not role model material, I think about time with that one.

    I am sure half of us are not proud of things we have done when we are younger or having low periods but she seems to have gone beyond that!

  • I watched it and like the rest of you thought she was on something. She could hardly keep her eyes open plus she kept sniffing, she is just a stupid bi**h. I dont really want to waste my time writing about her but thought I would let you know I watched it too.

  • I have to disagree, i dont feel sorry for her and anyone that has taken hard drugs whilst they have young children or are pregnant i will never feel sorry for. That woman has brought all this on herself
  • hiya
    she irritates me to but a member of my family has bipolar and the medication and the condition can make you seem a little spaced out and slow to react, so i do have to defend her on that one but you would think she would just want to keep herself to herself and not have a film crew following her round all day so she is in the spotlight again!!!!
    vikki xx
    32 weeks with number 4!!!!!!
  • I am just glad that poor excuse for a mother didn't win celbrity mother of the year again.
    I mean, she keeps going on about how shocked they were she fell pregnant so quickly again after having Heidi, but if she used contraception she wouldn't have would she. Silly cow!!!!

    RAAAH, she really fucks me off
  • Elsbeth im with you all the way! lol xx
  • Me too I agree with all of you I didnt even want to post about her as it was giving her the attention she wants all the time but I just thought it was me imagining things! I am glad I am not the only one that feels like this though..

  • I didn't watch it but I don't like her either. I feel sorry for her kids! I mean I'm sure all the stuff that is written about her can't ALL be true, but come on if she was really bothered about it she'd stay out of the spotlight and start acting like the normal mum she claims to be!

    Then again I did feel a lot better having seen her on a magazine cover. I'm not sure how pregnant she is but I think I'm a bit further on and she made me feel thin lol!!!
  • hi i too thought she was on something, she did seem really spaced out!!any other time you see her she is quite bubbly is she not? she kept sniffing and i was just waiting for her to say something she shouldnt or for it to becaome more obvious she was on something, but surely a prog like this morning wouldnt have her on if she was out her face?! i dunno but either way she did say "after this everyone will be talking about me, and saying look how she was out her face" so maybe she was putting it on?? for attention??;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • Hi Everyone - I watched it and I do think it's horrible that she seems to have carried on with her life as was while she's pregnant and not made the baby her first priority - especially when she has another three who need her attention. However, I'm not convinced either way as to whether she was on something on the show. I don't know about the rest of you but I've gone from being a highly organised person working as a business analyst reorganising multi million pound organisations to a dribbling idiot who can't understand the simpliest things that my family say to me - I'm not sure whether she was on something or just pregnant. I would be worried what people would think of me if I was being interviewed! xxx
  • Lol Lola, I know what you mean about becoming a dribbling idiot my hubby thinks my brain has turned to mush I keep putting things in wrong places and struggle to get a sentance out now without making up new words as the right words come out all muddled!

    At least my hubby thinks its funny, I dont i normally end up feeling like a bit of a twat!

  • I watched that earlier... You could see her trying to concentrate on what she was saying in a sad attempt to look sober. She looked like she couldn't keep one of her eyes open and her jaw was gurning a bit. She commented on the reason she had the mtv film crew following her was to prove she was clean.... so they follow her into the loo when she takes a dump do they? I think not!! lol
  • I seen her on Johnathan Ross when she was four months (and massive) and it was clear that she was 'out of her nut' she was high as a kite and Johnathan was clearly not fooled!
  • hey guys
    I missed it this morning but i do agree with what u all are saying about her, i used to have great respect for her until she met her currant husband, as for being on drugs she does look spaced out even in papers!!

    As for kicking her mother out when she knew that ur mum had no where to live and as for her mother in law sayin that she hit her instead of otherway round hmmm its does make me think well shes on drugs and its makes her wierd!!!

    So she is better off giving bryan her two girls where they are going to be well looked after but thats me!
  • watched it too and most definetly on something - dunno if it was a columbian cold she was suffering from as no other symptoms apart from a sniffly nose. she was gurning at one point indicating she mighta been on a upper, maybe coke and at the same time glazed over so maybe something else. oh well is up to her i spose but as crystal just said , doesnt seem quite right when many women live their life right and cant even get pregnant
  • I watched it too!! I think she is VILE!!
  • I didn't see it...wish I had now! If she truly is bipolar then I sympathise but my issue is with women like her Jade Goody and Cheryl Tweedy who are all thick as ...., have never worked or gained qualifications and are complete pikeys yet will earn more than all of us on these boards put together. Look at Kerry's behaviour and the way she's knocking those kids out! And her husband...well he looks like a waste of space. Now Jordan I don't mind, as she's articulate, business orientated and likeable.
    Maybe I've ruffled a few feathers with my comments but it's good to say what you think.
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