OT: Does anyone believe psychics??


I had a reading from a psychic in October after a friend got a really accurate reading herself.

It was really good, she knew my dad's name and health problems, my peculiar personality traits, my in laws characteristics and the issues i have with them and loads of things like where i worked etc that she couldn't have guessed (I was very careful to say as little as possible to give her as little info as possible to work on... basically i just said HMM and OK alot so all she had to work on was what i lloked like and age because she has a photo of me).

ANYWAY, after freaking out about my visit to EPU i decided to have another reading to give me faith in the universe, now i did tell her that i was pregnant so she already knew that, but she did pinpoint exactaly how i was feeling, and the unique and weird way that i worry about things (basically i spend my whole life assuming the worst about everything, and not believeing anything positive will stick around, in the hope that if the worst does happen i am prepared for it and hope i wont get disappointed or hurt.... now that must be quite a uncommon ( and unhealthy i know) way to deal with life surely?). She also pinpointed things that had happened in my life which she says have caused me to deal with the world in such a way, things with my family that she couldn't have known. She also knew my mother's name this time and said that after this baby i will want another one quite soon, but home will stop me from trying for a few years (which makes sense we only have a 2 bedroom house and so would have to move before having baby number 2)

She also went on to say that i would have a healthy pregnancy, giving birth in July on a date with a 2 in it to a baby that weighs arounf 8lbs and has a small but distinct birthmark... so i'm REALLY hoping that she was right about this and everthing will go smoothly (fingers crossed)

Was just wondering, have any of you ladies visisted a psychic, and have you found that their reading were accurate???? Really hoping that this ladies predictions do come true image


  • I'm not a beliver as such but am open minded to the possibility. Certainly wont do any harm believing in the positive! xx
  • hi do as i sw some with friend they me going be preg same time and have baby about same time and week after found i was preg she found she was preg
  • Hi I've never been to a pyschic but would be keen to seen what they had to say.
    I do think though that people can say things and you can put yourself in that position so you believe it, like with horoscopes. So i think I would have to experience it to believe it.
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