Private scan advice, please


After my mmc the midwife at the time said I could have an early scan next time. My doctor referred me for an early scan but now they are being awkward about it.

As I found out at my 12 week scan my baby had died it was terribly traumatic, the sonograph girl was not very empathic very blunt and to the point and then walked out. I was wondering if I go to a private scan company will the be more sympathetic and friendly? If the hospital are going to be awkward about scanning me I'm worried I'll me even more anxious having a scan with them and would rather pay if it will be a nicer experience, would really appreciate any advice before pushing with the hospital (if it's a similar experience I will insist on hospital scan but don't want the stress if possible).

Thanks so much, Inka


  • Hi hun this is my first pregnancy so I can't imagine what it was like for you, I think you need to decide what is best for you, if you think that the hospital is going to make you stressed, go private!
  • Hi honey if you can afford it i'd go private! I've always found the sonographers in the hospital i go to are very blunt and not really worried about hurting your feelings, i dont think they mean to be that way, they're just really busy and forget that for you this is a really important thing! My private scan was so much nicer, they spent longer checking everything over, answered all my questions and reassured me, and just made the experience really special! xx
  • like lynz says, if you can afford it i would go private. i had 2 MCs, the first one being a mmc detected at a scan (it was actually a private scan that picked it up, then confirmed on NHS a week later). when i fell pg in september the doc was sympathetic and sent me for an NHS scan at 6+5. if i hadn't have had that i would have had a private scan without a doubt. where i had my private scan was very friendly, i couldn't have asked for a better service in the circumstances.

    good luck xxxx
  • Hi Inka,

    I had my MMC picked up at the 12 week scan to and it was awful i have now said that if i manage to get pregnant again i will scan as often as possible and will definatly be going privatly as getting an NHS scan here seems to be a real trial. All i will add is that don't expect the service to be any better i had my 12 week scan done in a private place i have to say the service there was from the sounds of it exactly like the response you recieved on the NHS they didn't seem to get that i was in severe shock and distressed the whole thing was a nightmare!
    Anyway i hope that everything goes well for you and make sure they do everything the way you want it particularly if you are paying for it!
    Will be thinking of you and good luck
  • Do you have an early pregnancy unit near you? At the one in Kings in London (not sure where you are) you can self refer, you just turn up in the morning and they see you on a first come first serve basis. I have had a mc and an eptopic mc before this pg and they scanned me 4 times before my 12w scan. The people in the epu are much more sympathetic than the normal sonographers and really reassured me. If you cant get to an epu though I'd go private but maybe wait until you are 6-7w so that they will see a heartbeat as that is the important bit.
  • Hi,

    Thank you all for your replies and sharing your experiences.

    I've decided to go private so I can have more time and can choose my own date for work etc.

    Feel better now Ive made the decision, just hope it goes well, so nervous, Im about 6 weeks and have been fine up till now but have started to worry about the same thing happening, nothing I can do just try to relax as best I can. Having scan in a couple of weeks time.

    Thanks for support.

    Inka xxx
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