BFP This weekend - Need a little help

Hello Ladies,
So pleased to be joining the pregnancy forum. I got my BFP on Saturday after TTC for 7 months. OH and I are completely on cloud 9 but also a little scared!
My last AF was December 24th and my cycles average at 28days long. Afetr using online calculators they say my EDD is 30th September 2009. If this is the case how many weeks and days pregnant does that make me? I have tried to work it out but am a little confused!

Thank you and I look forward to getting to know you all.



  • You go from 1st day of your last period so that makes you 4 weeks and 5 days. Congratulations!
  • OH 2ZE IM SOOOOOO happy for you!! We started TTC at the same time!! Congratulartions, really am over the moon for you and hubby!!

    I think you are 4 + 5 you will be 5 weeks on wednesday!!!

    Im due on the 26th Sept and we got our BFP on our 7th month to!!!!

  • thats right 4+5 - i found it confusing to work it out too.
    they'll confirm your exact dates at your 12 week dating scan.


  • Woo hoo I posted on your other post in TTC not sure if you saw but I am soooo over the moon that you have got your BFP and that you have come over here to join us girls. I am sooooo happy for you.

    It would be 4 weeks and 5 days congrats

    K xx

  • congratulations on your BFP! xxx
  • Thanks for all your lovely replies. I cannot beleive I am 4 weeks and 5 days preggers. It seems weird after what seems like ages TTC to finally be here is strange.
    StephS I am so pleased to be in Sep forum with you, it seems lke you got your BFP ages ago. I reckon its becasue the 2ww always drag!
    Does everyone agree that my EDD is September 30th?
  • Just had a look on a few websites and they are all coming up with wednesday 30th September image

    So happy your going to be in the September forum.. a bump buddy!!!!

    Got my BFP 2 weeks today lol.. that 2 WW really does drag lol...

    How has OH taken the news? Has it sunk in yet?

  • Congratulations on you BFP! So pleased for you!

    Love Sapphire
  • Bump buddies love it Stephs!! Sep 30th it is then.
    My OH was really shocked as I had a bit of a nightmare with CBFM and thought I had not even ovulated. All month I was just wishing AF would hurry up as was convinced we hadn't done it! He is really pleased thought bless him and cannot wait to tell his Mum its her first grandchild.
    Thanks for your help ladies.
  • Have you decided when you are going to tell your parents?

    We have booked an early scan for 20th feb will be 9 weeks and am going to tell our parents then...

    We were convinced we hadnt done it either, what with all the stress of hubbys home test.. i think worry about that took my mind off TTC and helped, even though stressing over something else!!!

    Have you book a GP appt yet or anything?

  • OH wants to wait until 12 weeks just don't know if I can wait that long! I think your idea of having an early scan and then telling them at 9 weeks is lovely idea. I would like to have an early scan and do the same, will talk to OH tonight! I am going to change doctors tonight! I have been meaning to do it for ages but now I have to so have filled in forms. I will let them know about pregnancy in my booking in appointment.
    Have you been to the doctors yet?
    Just goes to show that you can get BFP when you least expect it!
  • I have also just had to change doctors! Have been putting it off for ages but i have to now!! I went and registered last wednesday and they have booked me in for my first midwife appt on 25th Feb.

    We have booked our scan through baby bond ??95 so excited..
    Where abouts are you?

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