Stitch type pain...normal??

I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and since last night I've had a weird stitch type pain in my back,on the left side. Not that painful but doesn't feel like normal back ache at all. Also my tummy feels bad,not cramps exactly but like when you've had the runs (I haven't!) and your tum just hurts! Should I be worried? Not sure I've had this before! Do you think it's preg related or am I just coming down with something?? Thanks xx


  • Its prob just everything stretching huni. I had al sorts of back aches, tummy cramps etc etc and they didnt really start to ease off til after 12 weeks if i remember rightly and to be honest youll get all sorts of strange twinges throughout because everything is moving and stretching to make room for your baby.

    If however you are worried hun its always worth asking midwife or doc to put your mind at ease.

    Anna (33+6)
  • Just a thought. Are you drinking lots coz i always get pains in my lower back where my kidneys are coz i don't drink enough. Hope you feel better soon x

  • I'm trying to drink lots but I haven't had as much for a few days. I'll try to up it and if it's still bad will ask MW. Thanks. Ps gemgem your wedding dress is stunning! x
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