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At what point in pregnancy are you supposed to avoid laying on your back and try to sleep on your left side? I've been trying to find stuff about it online and in my pregnancy books but can't get a real answer.

Is it just when you start to feel faint when you're on your back?


  • There's lots of myths surrounding this hun and i used to get really stressed about it.

    I asked both my GP and my midwife and both said there is no medial evidence to show that sleeping on either of your sides or your back is bad for you or your baby.

    I'm 26 weeks now and i sleep on my back most of the time but only becuase she kicks me if i roll onto my side.

    Hope this helps.

  • I read 16 weeks, but can't remember where. Doesn't mean its right though. Id check with mw.
  • I always have slept on my side but now i'm 33+4 weeks and keep waking up on my back. This is probably because my hips hurt if i lie on my side too long. I don't think there is any problem sleeping in what ever position is comfatable for you. x
  • I was worried about this too and asked my midwife as im always waking up on my back and at the bottom of my pillows so iam quite flat. The mw said u should try to keep of your back as after 30 weeks the baby can push on your heart and lungs, however im still sleeping on my back as cant get comfy any other way and im sure if it was doing me or baby any harm id wake up and be in pain or something!

    Jennie 32 +4
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