Hi ya... hope all is well...

was just thinking of a conversation we had a few days or so ago and was just wondering how you got on with your antenatel classes and what they did etc...

Lisa x x


  • Oooh a topic for I feel special!

    I did keep meaning to come post on that thread again but I was rubbish and haven't got round to it.

    The first one was quite good... I knew a lot of it but she went through labour positions and showed with a model pelvis why its easier in certain positions, and we talked about things to do in early labour (breathing, eating, relaxing etc) and things that could help bring on labour (cod liver oil is a no-no!). We also had a tour of the ward which was good, but not the delivery rooms cause they were busy.

    We also got a little leaflet thingy explaining how to do perinial massage.

    I should have had hte second class last night but I was feeling really ill so stayed at home. I think that was meant to cover labour positions, a tour of the delivery suite (if free) and possibly talking to some new parents.

    On monday we went to a physio and massage class - which was definately well worth going to - she did things like how to get out of bed easier, foot excercises to help with cramps, massage for labour, going over stuff like change position regularly, sit with pillows to keep comfy, ummmm...I'm sure there was more! Oh yeah..pelvic floor excercises.

    I'd definately recommend a physio and massage class if you can get on one.

    Still got 2 more antenatal classes to go to as well as a breastfeeding workshop. Not entirely sure what else is going to be covered in another 4 hours worth of classes but I'm sure I'll find out!

    If you are signing up for classes though - I'd recommend not leaving them till the last month... I'm uncomfy enough on the chairs in that room as it is (except for the physio class...she got us pillows!!) - I'd hate to have left it for another month when I'm even bigger!!!

    Other than that - I'm doing well, baby is behaving and is still head down but with his bum sticking out my other side!! How are you doing?
  • LOL kia... glad you feel special now...hehehehe

    They do sound good... the physio I went to see the other day showed some bits with a model pelvis....

    I dont know if I m going to do any classes... the physio did say they did refresher course in the next village if I was interested, but dont know... it would mean mixing with strangers and I am not good with that believe it or

    Glad all is well with you and lo is doing well... yeah I am not too bad as you porbbly gathered from other posts I was conifrme with SPD funny enought the night you started ante natel but she was impressed athow well my parnter is doing looking after me as I am not llowed to do anything but rest all
  • I'm not a big fan of mixing with strangers either to be honest... thats why hubby has to come with me!! I did end up talking to a couple of the other ladies in the queue for the loo though - quite funny really cause we were all feeling like our bumps were inferior to everyone elses!!

    Good to hear your partner is looking after you.. hubby looks after me too image
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