Has anyone got or planning to buy the M & P Sola?

Ok, well I gave in to tempatation and went for a browse in Mamas and Papas where I instantly fell in love with the Sola!!
I was all set on the Oyster but this is bigger and the carrycot is also bigger and a lot nicer. OH is yet to see it but he'll pretty much go with what I like as I'll be the main user.
Has anyone got one or planning to get one? What are your opinions on it? xx


  • Hey hun, I have it and I love, love, love it!! It's very light to push and lift into the car and adapts from forward facing to facing mummy in one easy step. It has a good sized basket and I also love the car seat (Aton) we got to go with it. We got the new colour - the black one and it's so nice to look at!! We also got the pram top as this is where bubs will be through the day and you can get a different mattress for occaisional overnight sleeping which is brill for us as we have a few wknds away lined up.

    Hope this help xx
  • Lovely thank you!
    Its nice that they've now got 2 new colours out for it, we're staying on team yellow which is what made us look at the Oyster instead of the Sola at first.
    Is it easy to fold? I have an old shape Clio and hoping it'll fit in there as the boot is quite roomy. Deffo going for the carrycot too - its huge! xx
  • We're team yellow too and tbh it was only when the lady in the shop told me that new colours were coming out that my mind was made up. I love the previous colours but I wanted something more neutral. Very easy to fold yeah, that was another thing that I loved. I couldn't think of anything worse than going shopping alone and not being able to get the pram back in the car! This really is beyond simple - even on optimum blonde days I'll still be able to manage it lol!! Our boot is fairly roomy so we had no trouble but I'm sure the dimensions are on the M&P website or they should be happy to let you try it in your car when you go to the shop.

    Another thing to bear in mind is, if you have an independant retailer locally that sells them you may be able to get some ?? off. We went to a local shop and they gave me 10% which was brilliant - I'm not sure how easy it is to get descounts from the actual M&P shops...?

  • Hi wildthing, we have the green sola for our little boy who is 4 weeks old. I live it! It's so easy to use and lightweight. We have a tiny car so we have to take the wheels off to fit in our boot but they clip off so takes 30 secs to fold down and put in. Both the aton carseat and carry cot are also great. LO loves the carrycot!
    No complaints!
    Niene x
  • I have it in Orchid for our little girl who is due in 3 weeks so haven't used it properly yet but I have played with it lots and love it image The carrycot part looks so comfy and snug, I can't wait to get her in it!

    It's so light and easy to move and I think it's just gorgeous! I was all set on the Oyster and had been to see it at our local pram shop but on the day I took OH with me to purchase it they had got the Sola in new and I instantly changed my mind. We got 10% off too with it being an independent store :\) Like **Chickidee** says, worth going independent.

    Folded it is quite small and light. At 20 weeks pregnant in the shop I could hold my 8 month old niece in one arm and the folded pushchair in the other without struggling. The only slightly annoying thing for me is that it has to be 'world facing' to fold but it only takes 2 ticks to switch it from parent facing anyway.

    Love the new Truffle colour too image x
  • G/C from TFAB.. Just to say Mamas and Papas have this pram on sale at the moment.. It's gorgeous!

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  • Just a quick reply, thank you all so much for your input - i'm sold!! And KatieLou thank you for that, going to have to try and persuade OH to put a deposit down on it this weekend!! YAY!!! Ooooh how exciting xx
  • Well that was a lot easier than I thought - i texted OH about it and he said to go and get the money from him and slap a deposit down!! All sorted and had another play with it! xx
  • Think there might be 10% of this weekend too hun, just had an email about offers on all sorts this bank holiday weekend image
  • Think there might be 10% of this weekend too hun, just had an email about offers on all sorts this bank holiday weekend image
  • Hi Mrs H - yup it was on the 10% off offer so I placed the deposit and secured at that price! xx
  • ah that's fab, well done you!!
  • ooooo im so so jealous, i absolutely love the sola, had my heart set on it! but it doesnt fit in my tiny boot image xxx
  • Aww PrincessA thats a shame, will it not fit with the wheels took off? I didn't try it in my car but my boot is fairly big for the size of the car and the amount of junk that I have in there proves it will fit! LOL. xx
  • no i tried everything image i was gutted, even briefly considered getting a new car. but instead we have settled on the M & P Luna mix. xxx
  • G/C from baby but i have this pram for my 16 month old and its fab! this is my 3rd rear facing pram cause i love them so much and i broke my britax vigour so got this one.
    its really easy to push, to change from parent to boring facing. it folds down in one part if boring facing but it wont if the seat is parent facing.
    its really light, basket is a good size, hood is fab and big and the raincover is really easy to get on and off.

    i cant fault it! xx
  • Hi sleepybeccie, I'm loving all the positive comments.
    I've arranged for it to be delivered to store in Jan but will prob leave it there for a while or the dog may find that his normal walks will be replaced by a comfy ride in the pram just so I can use it!! LOL xx
  • fab! you wont regret it in the slightlest!

    good luck for the rest of your pregnancy x
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