Is there a doctor in the house?

Hi! I just found out that I'm pregnant this past weekend and was so excited to contact the doctor. They scheduled me for an appointment at the end of the 10th week. I am only at the beginning of week 6! Is it normal to NOT see a doctor until then? I am already taking prenatal vitamins (started last month when we started ttc). When did you have your first doctor's appointment and what happened during it? I want to make sure I do everything right! Thanks!

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  • Hi Ya,

    With my first I had my first doctors appointment at 4 weeks but then my first midwife appointment at 11 weeks, at the doctors they just take the date of your last period and work out roughly how far along you are, they then send your details off to whichever hospital you'll be having your scans at. Then you have your midwife appointment where she'll go through all your past medical history and ask you alot of questions, it's nice because you can ask lots too! Then you'll get a letter in the post usually telling you when your dating scan is!!'s all so exiting!!!!!

  • Congratulations, this is a really exciting time for you!! I think the procedure might be different dependant on where you stay. I visited my GP at about 5 weeks as soon as I found out, but all they did was check urine and blood pressure, didn't even do a pregnancy test because home kits are so reliable. They contacted the midwife to arrange a scan and booking in but it didn't happen until 13 weeks. It seems like a LONG time to wait, especially if you don't tell anyone, but it's worth the wait when you see junior waving at you on the screen. Hope you keep well over the next few weeks.
  • Congratulations! I found out i was pregnant 5 weeks ago and didnt see midwife till yesterday. Think its differant in differant areas as during my pregnancy unless i have any problems i wont be seeing my gp! xx

  • Hi ready. Congratulations! I went to the Doctors when I was 6 weeks pregnant. She made sure I was taking folic acid supplements and gave me a talk on how common miscarriage is(!) and she went through the various early tests you can have. She also gave me a number to phone to book myself in for my 12-week scan which is on the 9th January (I had to do it myself as we have to pay for it privately - the first scan we would have on the NHS would be at 18-22 weeks!!). She also gave me the number of our local midwife clinic and I've just phoned up this morning to make my first midwife appointment which will be on the 8th January - I can't wait!!

    I can't believe how antenatal care varies depending on where you live!! xxxx

  • Hey,
    I made an appointment at the docs as soon as I found out I was pregnant then made an appointment to see the midwife at 10wks which was at my gp surgery. At my booking appointment with the midwife we went over my medical history and partners history ect I was sent an appointment for a scan at 12wks, then I seen my midwife every 4 to 6 weeks until 28 weeks when it was every 2 to 4 weeks. Ohh and my 20 week scan as well.
    Congratulations hun and I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Hi ladies
    When I fell pregnant with my first baby, I went off to GP at around 6 weeks to have checks and then saw mw at around 10 weeks. I don't know if it was because that was a while ago (nrly 5 yrs) or because I lived in a different area (was in Bristol, now in Kent) but this time, I rang my surgery and asked for an appt with GP as soon as I found out and was told that I don't need to see GP. The receptionist said that if I had a positive pg test and no issues, I should just wait till booking appt with mw. Saw midwife at 10 wks again which was mid-november and had 1st scan last week. Again, last time round I had to wait till 22 wks for scan as they didn't offer 12 wk ones under the Bristol health authority.
    It's that good old postcode lottery - what you get depends on where you live basically! I've also been told that because I had caesarian last time, in my area I have to see a consultant every few weeks to keep check on things and they won't induce if I go overdue with this one. I think that approach varies from area to area as well.

    Anyway, congratulations - although it feels like such a long time to wait to see someone (ie mw), it is worth it once the ball gets rolling and you start scans and stuff. Exciting times!!!!
  • Congratulations - welcome to the club!
    I phoned doctors when I found out I was pregnant and just had my details taken over the phone by a receptionist!
    MW then contacted me and made an apppointment for my booking in which was at 10 weeks - had my dating scan at 12 weeks and then anomoly scan at 20 weeks.

    We moved house when I was 16 weeks pregnant - only 20 miles away but meant that I had to change mw - but the difference in care was unbelievable! It definitely is a postcode lottery.

    Good luck - the wait seems to go on forever but enjoy every minute of it as time flies by so quickly!

    Rachel xxxx
  • many congrats... it is hard to believe how things are different in places.. i live in sussex... I found out I was preggers when i was 4 weeks and tried to get to see the dr as i was in a lot of pain... the receptionist just dismissed me saying it was early stages and what was ment to be was ment to be implying i was suufering from mc... i saw a different receptionist when i picked up a sample pot and spoke to her... she phoned me back that pm and said she had spoken to the burse and she would see me between pateints.... she did a pregnancy test and confirmed that I was pregnant and it turned out i had a uti... she informed the dr who forgot to send the referral through so i was left chasing it... i had my first mw appointment at 13wk... i didnt get a dating scan as i said i knew my dates but was given a scan to test for downs.. begins with n think it nuchly or something.. i had this same day as mw appointment.... i had my next mw appointment at 18 weeks the anomoly scan at 22 weeks.. my next mw appointmet is in jan and i have a growth scan on 18th feb....

    good luck with everything, and u are def in the right place if oyu need any help x x x
  • hey tiger feet - what is it with gp receptionists!!!! i've had sooooo many bad experiences with them i would be here all day. suffice to say i tell them nothing about why i want to see a gp : )

    Ready - in my area the first appt with the m/w is at 13 weeks and from what i can gather it can be anywhere between 10-14 weeks. Sometimes it depends on whether you get a combined booking in appt & scan or if you get these two appointments seperately. Dont worry about not getting an early appt with a gp though - they dont really do anything except notify the midwife team that you're pregnant and take your blood pressure. Make sure you know what to eat/not to eat and other early pg stuff and you'll be fine!
  • Congratulations Ready image

    well... i hope your experience is nothing like mine because i had a nightmare with my midwives/drs! i recently moved to kent & tried getting in with at least ten differnet drs at first, went straight to the hospital (& got told by the receptionist) that i had to have a dr! so i had to contact nhs to be allocated a dr, which turned out to be one of the originals i first contacted! how annoying!! so my booking scan was at around 13wks+3 and i was told they would try and squeeze me in before 14wks for the nuchal scan, as i wouldnt be able to have it done after that and why hadnt i done anything about it sooner!! haha! yes... i think i unleashed the pregnancy hormones at that point! even though i had to wait to be allocated a dr - i never had an appointment and i have swapped midwives 3 times already! am 23wks and still waiting on meeting my new midwife. i dont have any contact numbers for my midwives as yet, i received my blood results last week (as they got lost) etc etc

    this is my first pregnancy so i was kinda hoping id be reassured etc except the first trimester turned out to be a nightmare! THATS WHY I FOUND MYSELF ON BABY EXPERT, READING ALL THE POSTS TO SEE IF I WAS NORMAL OR NOT!! it definitely has been a great help - so thank you ladies image

    good luck xx
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