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Hi all, what week did you start to feel your little ones moving? I believe I am 16 wks but hospital says around 17 wks. I thought with the 2nd baby you are meant to feel them sooner but I haven't felt anything yet (I don't think). I can't wait till my MW appt on Thursday just to hear the heartbeat so I know everything is ok.

Thank you. Debs xxx


  • hi hun im expecting my 4th, felt little flutters at 15 wk but nothing since, ur sposed to be at rest to feel it best, not that i know wat that is,lol my rest time is bedtime and im straight to sleep so any movement will go unoticed. xx
  • hi

    I'm 19 weeks today with my 2nd & only just feeling moer & more movements, they started about a week ago & are getting stronger now - its not always you feel them earlier with your 2nd as i was very impatient = ha
  • Thank you both xx
  • Hello, with my first i felt the kicks about 20 weeks or so and this time i have felt hem alot earlier about 14 weeks so id say its true you do feel the kicks earlier x
  • Hi,

    i felt my mine moving at 14 + 4 weeks for 4 or 5 days but nothing again until last night and then only a slight movement and I'm now 16+4 by one midwife or 16+6 by another!!!!

    With my first I didn't feel anything until 21-22 weeks...

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