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Stinking cold, what can i take?

i have a really horrid cold havent slept for the last 2 nights becuase i cant breathe and my throats so sore...s niff sniff!!!

what can i take?



  • Pracetomol and I am sure that you can uses vicks on your chest and back! xxxx
  • Hi Steph,
    I am in a similar situation.
    I am not taking anything as i don't want until wednesday. At night i just put Vicks on and also olbas oil on a hot water bottle and lay in next to my bed. My OH laughs that our flat smells of Olbas and Vick all the time. He says it's such a turn on it's untrue! For my throat i just drink loads before bed but then it doesn't help with the night wee's, so it's a catch 22. Kleenex have shares in me atm; although we bought a big pack of loo roll from Makro the other week so it's loo roll and not tissues.
    Sarah xx
  • i have been gp today fo rthis - i have a throat infection. he told me just to take paracetamol NOT IBUPROFEN !!

    Vicks is fine.

    I do not want anti biotics as i havent researched them....with regards to how they affect baby.


    MKB 26+1
  • i had a really bad cold last week, the pharmacist said to take paracetamol spareingly to avoid liver problems and that you can take warm honey and lemon, and to steam my face before bed, (hot water in sink and towel over head)

    helped a little but not the same as good old sudafed! aahhh what we do for our babies!

    6 weeks

  • Hi Steph,

    I've got the same thing at the mo but also have a cough and aching muscles. Not been at work since Wednesday. I went to the pharmacist and he said to take paracetomol, vicks is ok too.

    Have given it to OH now aswel and we are both using Olbas oil, helps when your nose is all stuffed at night.

    Hope you feel better soon hun

    Sarah xx
  • hiya,
    i had just the same thing last week!!!! know how your feeling, mom went to the pharmacy and they said to just do lots of steaming with menthol, drink plenty and rest (couldnt really do much else with how i felt) had really bad sinus pain which i controlled slightly with a hot water bottle on my head to release it a little bit!!
    get well soon it really is not nice xx
    A x
  • Didn't want to read and run, I had this last week and I have loads of sympathy for you honey! Go mad with Olbas oil, hot water bottles and the honey and lemon! I didn't think it'd do much good but I loved honey and lemon! All I know is that my pharmacist said no no no to 4head as it has stuff in it that can bring on contractions (no thanks!) so stick to the paracetamol and sleep lots. x x x
  • Thanks so much for all your replies girls... nice to have some sympathy.. hubby who gave it to me still has it so as you can imagine his man flu is ruling the house!!

    Might see if i can dig out some vicks and smoother my pillow in it!!

    Sounds stupid but how do you make honey and lemon?

    I was off work for a week, week before last but i really dont want to go in tomorrow!!

  • i think honey and lemon is lemonade with honey in it. Well that's what i do. i hope i am ok doing that.
    I'd use type with sugar in lemonade. Do you ache as well? s xx
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