So so happy!

Hi Girls,

I wrote on last week about how worried i was about my first scan, hoping everything is ok as i had very little symptoms all through first trimester.

Anyway i had my scan this morning and everything is fine, saw the baby bouncing around! and the heart beat, the woman said ive got a lively one!!
It was absolutly amazing to see it bouncing away in there, i feel a weight has been lifted, though i know the worryng wont stop here! lol. It finally all seems real, i cant wait to get my bump now, just feel podgy at the moment and my jeans arent too comfortable!!

It just goes to show if you dont have any symptoms at all it doesnt mean theres something wrong, i just thought id share and let everyone know.....incase i can help ease someone elses worries!

Angel_Delightx...12 weeks xx:\)


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