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Positive clear blue digital but very very very faint lines on other tests getting lighter.


Hi guys

i took a few cheap branded pregnancy tests ast week starting on Sunday. Negative. Negative. Negative. But then on Friday ( Friday 6th April) I decided to take a clear blue digital which read back within a few minutes pregnant 1-2. I was over the moon as only been trying for baby number 2 for 2 months. Now I know a lot of women tend to take another test just to settle their minds which is exactly what I did. I decided to take a Asda’s own pregnancy test on Saturday (Saturday 7th April) just to confirm pregnancy. When reading the result back there was hardly any line there at all. Thinking it’s just Probably cause I’m not too far along and wasn’t first morning urine that that’s why is wasnt a big fat line that was clear to see. So decided to wait until this morning (Sunday 8th April) and take the other asda one with first morning urine when to my shock the line was even lighter than the day before to the point where I had to shine my light from my phone onto the test. I’m so worried that something might be up or go wrong as with DD the first test I took showed a big fat line straight away. Has this happened to anyone else. 

BTW my cycles can be all over the place. 

My last period was the 3rd of March and I know I ovulated on the 22nd as I took a clear blue ovulation test and got my solid smiley that day. So I would be technically 3 days late on my period from ovulation. 

ive also added the photo of the first Asda test I took. And the clearblue. 

Thanks in advance ladies xx


  • Please if anyone has any advice I can’t stop thinking the worse....

  • Well that's so confusing, but a positive on a digital is a GREAT sign - keep testing (use cheap pink dye tests) every morning with your first wee of the day, and hopefully your pink lines will progress. 

  • Thanks for your reply hun. It doesn’t help when you go on bloody google and read all kind of things. I’m gonna take another clear blue in a minute and if that comes back pregnant again I’ll calm down a bit more and just take it that he cheapee tests aren’t good enough atm to pick up my hcg. I’ll keep you informed x

  • Thing is, pink dye tests are MORE sensitive than the clear blue digital - and also your first wee of the day is the only urine you should be using to test as this is the most concentrate. Seriously, i'd recommend you try and wait to test again until the morning. I know it's so hard, but that first wee is the most important. Hope that makes sense. x

  • I just took the other clearblue and it came up not pregnant I’m devastated must of been a chemical pregnancy 

  • Took 2 first response tests after the second clear blue and both showing pregnant. I’m so so confused. If anyone has any relatable experience please let me know xx

  • digital tests are not as sensitive as pink dye tests & first response are one of the more reliable ones so I would trust that. 

  • Just took another clear blue digital which this time came up pregnant and also took a Lloyds pharmacy digital at the same time which came up not pregnant! What the hell is going on :( i know I see like a test crazy cow but I just want answers Xxx

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    Hello, I know this is an old thread but wondering what the outcome was? I hope you are ok!
    I am experiencing something very similar. Had a negative test after period due and week later a faint line. Immediately took a digital, positive 1-2 weeks.
    Took another two Tesco cheapy today (3 days later) and both look mostly negative! Hardly a line there. Took another digital and still says 1-2 weeks.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! We have a history of miscarriage :(
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