water retention or baby bump

Hi I'm 10+6 and this will proberbly make me seem really stupid! but can someone tell me how you know if your retaining water or if you've got a little bump. DH thinks i might have a bump and I'm not sure but I definatly dont have aflat stomach anymore! Also does anyone else have permanently erect and very sensitive nipples? I dint know if this was normal or not. Thanks x


  • Sounds like it could be a bump!! my shape completely changed from 8 weeks and my stomach became rounder from then too. My boobs were the first thing to change too and i went from a B to a D cup by the time i was 12 weeks and had very large sensitive nipples from the start too, they haven't settled either i'm now spilling out of an E cup and they've leaked too from around 20 weeks.

    Gem 35+3 x

  • Hi, I'm 18 weeks today and started to show early too. At our 12 week scan we were expecting to find two bubbas in my tummy coz I had a pretty big bump, and we're still not convinced that there's only one in there now! And yep, I know what you're talking about with the stiff nips! I'm like it 24/7, but unfortunately, my boobs haven't grown with it. I'm waiting for that bit to come! image Gem x
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