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allergic to being pregnant

hi my names chiara and i'm 26 years old. I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and i am really worried that my pregnancy will be like my first. At 30 weeks i had a horrible rash break out all over my body, i went to the doctors who gave me some cream but it just made it worst so they tried another but that still didn't work. All i could do was have cold baths and take a flannel to bed with me to try and sooth it, it made my stretch marks really bad. I finally went into labour but was not aloud to hold my baby until i knew what i had. They took loads of blood tests and refered me to a skin specialist who told me i was allergic to being pregnant, i thought he was joking but its true. It lasts about a month after birth its really terrible to have but you never see any information about it so i'm just letting you know incase anyone breaks out in a rash about a month before your due x x


  • hi there i didnt know you could be allergic to being pregnant. if i ever get pregnant again i will be alert for it. hope everything goes better this time for you
  • hope it doesn't happen to you again this time. what a shame, thanks for the heads up though. xc
  • thanks for your replys hope no one else gets it. Has any one else experienced this. x
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