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listening to heartbeat at booking in app

I was just wondering how many of you heard your babies heartbeat at their booking in appointments?
I have my appointment tomorrow morning and I will be 10 + 2 and really want to hear it!!!


  • i didnt, i saw hear beating on 12 wk scan but didnt hear it till 16 wk appt. you can always bu a doppler, i got one of amazon for 23 quid or there abouts.
  • My midwife didn't offer for me to hear it and I didn't ask!!! To be honest my booking in was at 9 weeks and I think it might be too early to hear... put it this way at my 16 week check my midwife was warning me that I might not hear anything so I think 10 weeks may still be too early?
  • I think this may be too early (though correct me if I'm wrong, ladies) - my midwife first listened to the heartbeat at 14+6, but said at the time that she wouldn't have listened any earlier (she basically implied that although it's possible to hear it earlier than this all it really achieves is worrying the mother if it can't be detected).

    Sorry to be a wet sponge but don't want you to get your hopes up for nothing!

  • The mw didnt offer it at my booking appiontment i think its too early, as its so small still. Your get too see much more at your 12 week scan.

    Jennie 15+1

  • i dont think any really do as they cant normaly hear the heart beat with there little dopplers intill after 15 weeks x
  • no i didn't either. think it was about 16 weeks before i heard heartbeat.

  • Thanks ladies,

    I thought as much but thought I would ask anwway!
  • hi my midwife did let me listen to pip's hearbeat at my booking in appointment, but i was 14+1 when i had my appointment. Having said that i bought an angel sounds dopler of ebay and managed to find pip's hearbeat at 11+5 but it did take a while.
  • hi i was 15+3 and it was picked up immediatly, although she warned me that because i wasn't quite 16 weeks she might not be able to find it. It was fantasic though - can't wait for my next appt to hear it again!
  • I was just about nearly 10 weeks on my booking in appnt and didn't get to hear it - wasn't offered or mentioned.

    Not had my 16 week check yet, that's a week tomorrow... went to Dr's on Tuesday as I was worried about tummy pains, and Dr listened for baby's heartbeat and found it - the first time me and hubby had heard it! I was 14+4 on Tuesday.

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