cant feel movement

im a bit worried, Im 16weeks but have been feeling baby since about 13weeks and some definate little kicks since 14weeks, ive not felt anything at all since last night. ive tried laying on my tum (usually feels like laying on an orange) ive tried squishing my uterus like the midwife does. ive tried laying really flat on my back. nothing! if the baby had died would i know? symptoms bleeding etc? ive been trynig to put it to back of my mind all day but getting worried now. my 16 week apt not til friday. tempted to ring mat home but had a small bleed in my first preg at about the same time and they wouldnt even see me they sent me to the gyny ward of the hospital as the baby wouldnt of been viable etc. this is the same ward where women have terminations etc with same waiting room. do you think ill be able to see a community mw at a nother GP? or is this no movement thing normal? im trying notto worry th OH this is his first baby and he is in love with it already.


  • i didnt feel anything for ages, by my 22 wk i was so worried i made an extra appointment with mw and told her. she did a few checks and listened to babies hb. whilst she was doing it she said did you feel that?? i was like no! she was well the baby just turn completley over!!! she had been doing it i just hadnt felt her!! if your really worried and cant get a mw app, go to the hospital, it may seem extreme, but its better to know esp if youve had a bleed prev. good luck
  • thisis not my first baby! thought i made that clear. i have definately lready felt movement and have been doing so for a few weeks now nothing. my tum isnt even as firm as it was.
  • Hi there, I am 25+2 weeks now and still have days where I don't feel alot of movement. Apparently when the baby kicks either your placenta or your back you can't feel it. If you are still worried though call the midwife.
  • The worst possible thing you can do right now is worry.If you do it will only make things wosre.Go to the hospital if only to put your mind at ease and sleep that bit better.Dont feel like your putting people out of thier way,thats what they are there for and will be completely understanding.Im sure all will be ok.good luck
  • hi babes, i'm 15+2 and have felt a few odd bits of movement in the last week, nothing since friday though. it's my first baby but not my 1st pregnancy and with my last i felt kicking at 19 weeks and feels just the same so i'm sure thats what i felt this time. i would try not to worry though chick cos my bump is huge some days other days its barely there at all i think it depends on how the baby is lying as to whether or not u feel anything. i also heard that you have more chance feeling something an hur or so after a meal or when your bladder is full because it pushes your uterus up and forwards. ring the midwife if ur really worried darling but i'd try not to panic too much, my friend used to worry all the time and the more she tried to feel somethng the less she'd feel. probably just the baby sleeping or has moved a bit. let us know how it goes love, rhiannon xxxx
  • Hi
    It all sounds pretty normal, i'm 28 weeks and still have days with very little movement but remeber feeling exactly the same at about 16 weeks as he kind of started and then stopped for a few days. Just a suggestion and i know they are not for everyone but have you thought about buying a doppler? I was miss paranoia and really found being able to listen to the heartbeat very reassuing at that stage, as long as you don't get obssessed by it obviously!! Just a thought - they are only about ??30 on ebay, that's where i got mine.
    Anyway, try not to worry x
  • jamtart thats a good idea, i got a doppler and found babys heartbeat this morning, definitely reassuring. i got an angelsounds one as i heard they were the best and i picked up heartbeat straight away xxx
  • I found for the first few weeks after I felt movement that some days I couldn't feel anything. I think that it just depends which way round bubs is laying, if they are facing out you feel the movement, if they are facing inwards you don't. The doppler isn't a bad idea but it may be to early for you to be able to find the heartbeat which could worry you more. I would contact midwife if you are still worried but I am sure everything is fine.
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