24 week antenatal appointment - what should the midwife do?

Hi all,

I've got my 24 week appointment this Friday and wanted to find out what everybody elses entailed?
I am currently getting a list of questions to ask my midwife as I always seem to remember when i've left!
I know she'll test my urine and listen to the heartbeat, what else is she supposed to do?



  • Hiya,
    All the mw did at my 24 week appt was test urine, take my bp tell me off cos it was high and listen to the hb but i was disappointed cos she only listened to it for like a second. Don't no if there was nethin else she was supposed to do, but she was a bit of a stroppy bitch so prob did the minimum. Hope ur appt goes wel
  • Mine have all been very uneventful, test urine, listen to hb, had a feel to see where lo was lying (couldn't work it out!), measured me at last one which was 28 weeks I think, asked a few questions to determine if I was depressed and gave me my matB1 form. Very unexciting, but maybe thats a sign that all is going well.

  • Oops, my reply wasn't interesting enough to warrant me posting it twice, sorry!!

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