Expecting #1 - looking for friends

Hello everyone :) 

I am currently approaching 8 week mark and I am wondering if there are any other ladies expecting number one around here :) I know that it might be hard not to talk to your friends (we have chosen not to tell before 12 week mark) and also all the new worries with all these changes. I believe it could be nice to talk to others also expecting first with different due dates as we can help each other out with heads up for the following weeks :) 




  • Hi, I’m expecting my first, I’m 25 weeks today x

  • Hi we‘re expecting our first in December. About 5 weeks now. We’ve told my Mum and my oldest/closest friend knows but that’s it. We have an early scan next week but we won’t tell anyone else until after the proper 10 week scan.

    I had to pull over driving before because I was wretching so much! Anyone else suffered with sickness yet? I haven’t vomited but I feel absolutely horrendous and been wrenching on and off. 

  • Hi ladies, 

    I’m 16 weeks today and expecting my first in September.

    Keeping it a secret until our first scan (13 weeks 5 days) was so hard, but was lovely telling eveyone together so was definitely worth it.

    I had terrible morning sickness and nausea, it lessened at about 14 weeks but still get it occasionally. Been ill last few days with terrible cough, feel sorry for little baby getting thrown around in there everytime I cough!


  • Hi Ladies,

    currently expecting baby number one currently 10weeks little baby due in November it really cant come quick enough, feel naughty for almost wishin the summer away but role on November 😂 after being in an out of hospital suffering with hg i jus want my bubba.. iv really not been well at all ive suffered hg, mouth ulcers and cronic tiredness.. anyone else feel like theyve bin beaten up by the hulk? Xx

  • Bjrg, I still get the wretching now, it’s horrible but I don’t like to complain about it, at least I’m not actually being sick anymore 

  • Morning ladies 😊

    Bjrg - I am not physically sick, but I feel very nauseous most of the times, I have to snack all the time as as soon as I start feeling bit hungry I feel super sick (now snacking whilst preparing my breakfast) maybe it could help you too. I have cereals with me even when I go to city just in case I will feel bad and it helps to eat something little. I am 8 weeks today 😊 due in November 😊

    ScottyL - that is great that you had passed first trimester and now you feel better 😊 but the coughs and sneezes always get me too. I am allergic so 😃 I sneeze quite often, I know my regular pills are not good in pregnancy so I am waiting for my MW appointment next week to see what should I take as I feel quite oukey, apart from feeling weird when I sneeze 😃

    CantWaitToBeAMomma - hello, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling not well, I can relate on some day, but I never been in suck situation as you.. I hope it will get better once the placenta takes over for you.. My husband is feeling sad that I have to suffer so much for our baby, but we were trying and we wanted it so much and I knew what I was getting into.. there is no other way.. It is extremely hard to grow a human so that is why we usually feel so bad…

    Emmaa09 - how are you feeling? :) 

    I don’t know about you but I am having suck crazy dreams since last week :D but I heard that is normal in pregnancy :D I just cannot wait for mid May when I will be both telling people (including my parents) and finishing first trimester

  • Everness-Sounds like youve got it all figured out you go girl.. you know i try not to complain about it at all cause i dont like to take away from what is such a precious time But sometimes... On the plus side all the docs & nurses say when mommy feels like rubbish baby should be really healthy so thats the idea i tend to cling on to. its definatley going to be worth it at the end for us im really so excited.

    The dreams are something else mine felt like vivid real like situations but not real was weird.

    keeping the secret is legit killin me 😂

  • CantWaitToBeAMomma - it is hard not to complain, but most of the time we just need to let it out, not necessarily complaint... oh yes, that is true, I have amazing book by Emily Oster - Expecting better (she has all 3 trimesters with most of the things that are discussed there with scientific data to back the facts up as currently there are so many rubbish things out there and it is hard to know what is truth) and her hubby was excited when she was feeling sick because he knew it was good for the baby :D I told my DH yesterday and he was like, I would not be able to be happy to see you be sick :D How long have you been trying? :) I probably need to tell one more person at the lab apart from my supervisor that knew almost from the beginning ( but she is keeping it confidential until I am happy to come forward) but I am starting to feel even worse and this is a close colleague of mine so I don’t want him to make his own conclusions :D

  • Its an Inset Day today so I’ve made the decision to tell my TA and the Head today with no children around and while it’s a bit less pressured etc. I’ve asked for confidentiality until I’m ready to tell any of my other colleagues. It feels horrible to have had to tell then though because I’m not ready but its also good to know I have the support. Plus if there’s a chicken pox outbreak I need to know and be careful etc. Have to do a risk assessment but I’ve asked to do that after I’ve had my scan on 20th and all seems ok so far. 

    My OH didn’t want anyone to know yet :( 

    That Emily Oyster book sounds good! 

  • Everness- I like the sound of that book because honestly your so right because I seem to have turned into the google queen & there‘s enough rubbish on there to send expectant mummy’s over the edge. 

    We haven’t actually been trying as i suffered 3 miscarriages 4 years ago we had started looking at the possibility of maybe i couldn’t concieve so i tried not to dwell & thought that when we did want to try again we would seek help.. but funnily enough a few weeks before we did find out i said to my OH maybe we should try and he wasn’t completely sold because it is heart rendering and what do you know there it was on 5 tests.

    What about you guys have you been trying long?

    My work colleagues all know from week 7 due to the fact I fainted at work and because hg occured very early on they all put 2+2 together can’t say im 100% happy about it but these things happen

  • Bjrg - I’m a teacher too, I asked for confidentiality then the next day all of the senior staff knew! I wasn’t very happy as I hadn’t had my scan by that point.

    How have you felt during lessons? I’ve had a few sickness moments in the middle of teaching which wasn’t great!

  • 9 weeks tomorrow! Definitely getting weird, vivid dreams and finding it really difficult to sleep comfortably at night. Lots of aches and pains and feeling nauseous here and there. Planning to reveal the big news after my first scan, however I still haven’t got an appointment in the post yet... Good luck everyone! :)

  • Everness my sickness is pretty much the same as yours, I’ve had it from day one and its still going on now, I’ve just learnt to live with it at this point haha 

    I told my boss when I was 9 weeks because I work as a housekeeper and theres certain things you can’t do when you’re pregnant, managed to keep it quiet but not for long, ended up having to tell my family before I was 12 weeks as it was my sisters 21st and my 22nd in the same weekend and everyone was questioning why I wasn’t drinking 

  • ScottyL I totally trust my TA and the Head is male and is very practical, plus he stays well out of all the ‘gossip’. But I also know by telling then it risks other people knowing no matter how sure I feel that it’ll be kept confidential. Fingers crossed it stays confidential anyway. 

    I’m sorry to hear that all your senior staff know though that’s so unfair! I haven’t taught yet - first session tomorrow. Will have to stay hydrated as it gets so hot in the classroom and I feel dizzy enough as it is. How have you dealt with the sickness moments? 

  • Nrbx- It takes ages to get yourself comfy at night right? I can toss n turn for hours but as soon as iv found it im away with the fairies and having the vivid dreams..

    I feel like im getting impatient waiting for the appointment im hoping it comes this week its like im waiting for santa every day just pining for the mail. 

    Ive found when im relaxed at night is when i feel the aches n pains is it the same for you?

  • Bjrg - I am glad your school are supportive and that it will be kept confidential! Nothing worse than people knowing when you don’t want them to.

    I’m sure you will be fine! I told my head of department who was really supportive and came in and checked on my lessons if I had to run out to be sick. It happened quite a few times and I just had to tell the kids I was going to the office for something! I found having snacks in my drawer helped and eating often helped. When I go back after Easter I’ll be 17 weeks so really hoping by then the sickness and nausea will be gone!

  • CantWaitToBeAMomma - Have you got a pregnancy pillow? It really helped me get comfortable.

  • ScottyL- My OH did suggest one and i turned my nose up at it but i thibk im going to have to eat humble pie and get one, Any suggestions of where to go or do they generally offer the same level of comfort? 

  • Oh it’s so frustrating not finding that comfy position and the aches really don’t help! And also I find my body temperature goes up so much, my husband calls me his personal “central heating” lol! 

    Literally does feel like we’re waiting for Santa, can’t help being so impatient! Are you also keeping the big news a surprise until after the scan? 

  • Bjrg - how did it go with telling people at work today?

    CantWaitToBeAMomma - yeah, I am scientist, so for me it is even worse as I usually look though the studies and it takes me ages to confirm something or not 😃 that is good that you had a break and then it happened 😊 after what you been though it is great that you will get your rainbow baby 😊 We had been trying for a few months last year, but then I got bit stressed in other aspects of life and I just knew it would not be good to continue trying.. so we only started in February and on first cycle we caught it so that was truly amazing 😊 have you tried just sleeping with pillows around? I know it can get bit crowded in bed with the pillow and also very hot :D 

    Nrbx - I have trouble sleeping too, now boobs are bit better, but I am always up 3-4 times per night… do you know how do you plan on telling people? 😊

    Emmaa09 - yeah, there is not much we can do about the sickness.. just try to live with it.. that must have been a lot of celebrations for a weekend 😊 I am not a drinker regularly so nobody would be guessing that from there 😃 

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