pregnancy skin irritation, help!

hi i'm hoping someone out there has found the answer i'm looking for. i'm 23 weeks pregnant and seem to have developed a horrible exema type rash on my shoulders and back. it's so irritated. itchy and sore. the doctor doesn't want to give me anything because of the pregnancy. there must be something i can use, it's driving me crazy. can someone help me please???:\?


  • hi well i developed this in my previous pregnancy and have had it ever since, its goen to my chest and my arms, not too noticable though, but i am given calamine bp cream to use it is quite effective and stops the itching but it is really greasy i hope this helps xxxxx
  • speak to a phramacist but am sure treatments such as aqueos cream as a bath/shower wash is ok and also oilatum. my friend for her excema uses a cream called aveeno which is oat based and used that in her last pregnancy so sure that is ok.
    try to avoid anything perfumed, and have you changed washing liquid recently or shower gels as they can all cause irritation
    Filo x
  • thanks i will try and see what happens.:\)
  • Hi,
    I went to the doctors last week as ive had really bad itching and a rash all over. He gave me a prescription for oilatum to put in the bath, aqueous cream with menthol and another stronger cream. But to be honest the oilatum and aqueous cream (kept in the fridge) has been the most help, and you can get both of those over the counter at a chemist.
    Naomi xx
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