Whinging neighbour!!

Need to moan ladies...........sorry!!

Have been outside with DH in garden. We moved house a month ago, due to LO being due on tuesday and needing a 3 bed house! We haven't been able to get a skip for various reasons, and have all the empty boxes, flattened in our garden. We're slowly putting them in recycling bin every week, and DH has been known to fill a couple of empty bins up with our rubbish. Anyway have been outside, and basically the neighbour insisted we trim our bushes back shorter than what they are as apparently the other side doesnt like them high, she wants us to be getting rid of our boxes incase we attract 'rats'.Theres no sign of them and our garden is clean and tidy albeit a few boxes and maybe the bushes need cutting a bit shorter. We explained that we were having the garden dug up and turfed as soon as the new baby is born, we dont want to be in the middle of doing it and unable to finsih due to me being in labour or having a very very newborn baby! She pulled a funny expression and said "NEXT YEAR". I said yes, maybe sooner, depending on circumstances. With a baby on the way and due in 3 days we have been so busy sorting out nursery and doing other baby bits etc we havent had the time!! She then went on to lecture me because I was having ONE ciggerette. I havent smoked for weeks, but today, I feel stressed so treated myself. She pointed out all the bad points about me smoking and asked me if my midwife knew, and what about the baby etc etc etc. Now i feel like a complette and utter selfish bitch. image

Also my LO has a dreadful cold, it was her 1st birthday yesterday and this is the first time shes been ill, talk about perfect timing on her birthday but anyhoo thursday night we had a terrible night. LO only got about 4 hours sleep and we were up nearly all ight with her crying due to feeling so ill. Silly old bag next door seemed really amazed that we hadn't taken our daughter out because she was ill. I said she has felt to ill to do anything, and she said oh.We're making up for it tomorrow and having a party if she's better. She then looked and me and said 'no cake then' WTF is that supposed to mean? I'm pregnant not fat. GRRRRRRRRRRR!! She then moaned and said her friend who was staying round that night had complained about noise and also implied that we had left our LO upstairs crying in her cot! Of course we hadn't. But you all know what an ill baby is like?

She then moaned that me and DH go to bed too late and talk to loud in bed!!

I sort of giggled and said wait for the new baby to be born then they'll be even more noise, she said i hope not, i'll have to move!

AND..............................she also implied that my LO was a 'bad' baby and seemed amazed when I said she is an angel.

Don't know why im so bothered about her anyway. Just pissed me off I guess cos its not her buisness and we are quiet neighbours.

Also have a bit of worry she's gonna call environmental health about our baby crying!!

Sorry girlies..............needed to rant..........................

DH now calls her the 'goat next door''. Maybe she does look a bit goat like.......must be the beard................!!!





  • How bloody rude is that?? She obviously hasn't got kids if she is moaning about the noise!! You're little ones ill! You can't do much about it!!

    I hate people like that! Look at it this way, if she does get moody and move, then at least you've got rid of a moody old goat!! Ignore it! You have more important things to think about just now by the sound of it!!

    Good luck with labour day!! ;\)

    JJ x
  • Poor you. I live next door to an elderly woman who lives alone. I say elderly although she has the hearing of a twenty year old. DH works away and once he drove home and got back at 4am. He then had a shower as he stunk and the following day she commented on him getting back early and that she had heard the shower!! She has also said that she can hear us talking, although she cant exactly hear what about!! I live in a mid terrace house and I cant hear my other neighbours, so how the bloody hell can she hear me? Watch out for when you do get a skip though, my neighbour complained about our messy garden, and when we got a skip she was nice as she wanted us to put in a few bits an bobs of hers. Im dreading what she is going to have to say about a crying baby xxxx
  • Let her complain to enviromental health about the baby if she wants, what are they going to do? Issue you with a gag? Silly old bat should get out more instead of harrasing her new neighbours.
  • Funny you should say that..............she did seem rather keen on the skip idea!! AND we live mid terrace and can't hear hardly any noise at all. Occasional coughing from the man next door and sometimes the goat's clock chimes wake me at 2 or 3 am!!

    Am sooooooooo tempted to have a home birth.........she wants to know noise........I'll give her noise! Muhahaha!! SaidDH that if she can hear us talking can she hear anything else upstairs in bed LOL!! He'd better get me a gag!! LOL!! Dirty old pervert is probably jealous!!


  • Garfield...that is sooooo funny!! What a hilarious idea!! Home birth would definitely wake her up and give her something to complain about!!:lol: lmao
  • Aww Rach, what a moaning bitch she is! Tell her to f**k off lol

    Yeah a good old screaming home birth will show her!! haha#

    Sharon x

  • Some people are just absolute TWATS! She is probably never said anything to the people who lived there before about the hedge, she just 'can' now cause you're new and don't know any different.
    Also last time I checked, rats like FOOD not cardboard boxes!
    I have personally never had experience of 'nasty neighbours' thank god!
    I am hoping for a home birth and live in a terrace lol I didn't think of the neighbours. They are really nice anyway and will probably like the idea as they will be able to meet the baby sooner lol!
    Good luck with the witch next door!!!
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