19 weeks and bump so much bigger at night

hi i have noticed that my bump is massive at night!!and it is practically non existant during day (well i do have a slight one but its nothing compared to night time), i guess this is just cause of food etc?? also we have 20 week scan next friday and are hoping to find out the sex, but if we cant we might pay to find out..does anynone know how much it costs to have a sexing scan (but doesnt necessarily have to be 4d or anything) and where we'd get it done, we stay near glasgow.

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  • hi, my bump is much bigger at night too (i'm nearly 15 weeks) - I think its to do with water retention. i live in edinburgh and there are a few places here that do private scans but varying prices. google should throw up any places in glasgow. once company that is national is 'babybond' - they have somewhere in livingston. i'm def going to have to go private - they dont do 20 week scans in edinburgh.
  • I dont know about the scan but can def agree about the nightime belly!! mine seems to kick in around mid afternoon though! I think its bloatedness and food consumption too!
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