Blood results from midwife appt..advice please!

Hi ladies,

I wondered if anyone could help. I had a call from the hospital yesterday saying that there was a 'variation' in my blood results they took at my midwife booking in appt 3 weeks ago and that they needed to to do further testing on it. I asked what this meant and the nurse asked what my ethnicity is, to which I replied white british and she answered that usually these variations are only seen in asian or afro-caribbean women! Im not particularly worried as she told me that if it was anything that would threaten my health or the pregnancy then they'd let me know asap but Im just a bit confused as to what it all means? They also want to now take bloods from my hubby as well.

Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar happen to them and what it turned out to be?

Thanks for reading,


  • Hi Sarah

    It might not be the same thing but I had a similar experience. When my Dr was entering my 12-week blood results at my 16-week appointment, she noticed that the results for Thalassaemia had been highlighted to suggest I was a carrier. I trust my Dr implicitly and when she said it was nothing to be concerned about or a problem at all I totally trust her. Its something to do with blood cells but is only found in African / black people (sorry I hope that sounds ok!)

    I'd call your Dr / Midwife and ask them to expand further as its worried you.

    I'm sure everything is fine but do ring them - don't get stressed waiting ok!

    Joo xxx
  • Hi Joo,
    come to think of it Im sure she mentioned that word 'thalassaemia' and I guess that would explain why they want to test my husband as well.
    Im not too worried as she did say it wasnt health threatening, I was just a bit confused really!
    Thanks! image xx
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