Men stress unsure what to do. He doesnt want the baby

Hi all
Sorry in advance for moaning.
My relationship has been on the rocks for some, I think it's finally over, but just one problem I've just found out I'm pregnant.
I have a 16 month old daughter with this guy been together for 3 years. I asked him today what shall we do we as I:\? found motherhood very difficult the first few months and suffered with post natal depression.
His reply was "GET RID". Not really the response I was looking for.
I really don't know what to do. I'm not sure I could manage on my own, but I look at my daughter and don't think I could go through with a termination.
I had a M/C last year which I found very hard to deal with.
Any suggestions?


  • Hiya hun,
    You need to think what u want aswell.. and think what u will regret more an abortion? or having the baby? Everyone finds it hard but we just cope dont we cos we have too.. and because u had post natal drepression before they will look out for it again. i know that might not help but just wanted to say have a long hard think and do whats best for you. take care xxx
  • god that subject again men lol. U need to do whats right 4 u hun at the end of the day u r the 1 thats gona be left with the baby and i hate to be harsh but it sounds like u and him r over anyway.So to be honest it dont matter what he thinks its down to u and if u think u will cope ive got 3 and 30 wks preg wiv no4 my dear loveing oh lol decided hed had enuff wen i was 26 weeks preg and didnt want to b a daddy anymore and i will cope because i have to its scarey but i think haveing my kids and a new baby to look forward to keeps me going i think u shud get rid of ur man anyway if he is being so nasty.It ent worth hurting yourself and your little 1 or 2 if u decide to keep baby u may regret it an abortion is not to be taken lightly as iv bin there wen i was very young 16 i dnt regretwhat i did but i new i couldnt cope with a baby then it want nice hun and it wasnt its your baby dont just do what he wants u to do babe cos u will resent him if u have any doubts in your mind about haveing a termination thn it isnt the right time to be considering it its a big thing to go through and your oh sounds just like mine a prick and u r better off well rid yes i do miss him and love him but im better off and so r my kids im just concentrateing on me and my babies frm now on and so have u just think u cud have yourown beautifull little baby in a few mnths a little bro or sister 4 your little 1 dont let him decide 4 u hes a man fuck him its your baby and your body and your decision and if he can just come out with get rid i think hes the 1 thats shud be rid of babe u r worth more and so have i and talking to the lovelyest woman in the world on here has got me through and made me see thats looseing that twat is prob 4 the best and that im worth more than a shit head like him tc hun if u need to talk just post me and il give u my email xxx
  • I agree with what Tinkerbell said tbh lovey, if his attitude is going to be like that then f*ck him! do what is right for you and your DD, can you talk to your mum and explain things? never know she might turn out to be the biggest support of your life! but do think carefully before you decide, i'd hate to think this decision will get rushed and either way you'll end up regretting it! best of luck babes keep us informed (hugs)

  • I cant believe Men and their insensitivity. Even though a relationship breaks down, the fact that youre having a baby is a totally seperate issue and just because the relationship didnt work doesnt mean that he should automatically think the baby should be aborted, you can make having the child work, if that's what you want and if youre realistic about the lack of support youd probably get off him. But they will look out for the signs of post natal depression if youve had it before, so you should get the support with that if you need it. I agree though sod him, if he can say something so cutting so easily then his feelings dont matter, concentrate on what you want and if you can try and talk it through with someone who knows you and how you'll cope.
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