planned or happy accident?

How many of you had planned pregnancies or happy accidents? Just curious x


  • Happy accident! How about you Lizbit?
  • I'm still waiting to actually try due to new just asking questions and being nosy xxxx
  • was it a big surprise discodevil? were you on the pill and got caught? x
  • Planned without much planning but lots of 'trying' if you get my drift! lol we really wanted a child but didnt want to add any pressure of counting dates or anything! so we just enjoyed doing 'it' lots and Oops look what happened! *smiles* took just over two years of trying tho!! xx
  • Scary accident!!! lol x
  • first baby was planned this one was a happy accident (condom split) lol.
    but cant wate to have my baby here

  • My first baby was planned and this one is a happy accident. Was on pill but planning to come off after christmas to start ttc so just happened a lil sooner than we expected
  • Me and hubby got pg last december which was an accident and a shock, but we were both happy, then we lost baby in March this year and decided that we really wanted to have children so were actively 'trying' until oct when I got my BFP image and I'm noe nearly 15 weeks wohoooooo....I'm the happiest woman alive
  • Hi my 2 were planned but if it happened it happened if not have fun trying lol. This time an accident not so happy at first as the condom split and went for morning after pill which didnt work, but happy now got used to the idea as my lo is only 17 weeks.
    vikki xx
  • This is my first one and it was planned.

  • This is my first and it was planned. Was only first month of trying so still a bit of a shock at the same time.
  • Planned came off depo about 13months before i got pregnant (1st time) OH seemed rather surprised I think he thought it would take years his first words when i told him were are we keeping it. ( I could have killed him I have been trying to persuade him for years). Had a miscarriage first time though and found my self pregnant again 4 weeks later.(with no period )I measured 7+5 weeks exactly eight weeks since they told me i had had a complete miscarriage. which according to EPAU was impossible.
  • Mine was an accident, not the best timing am in my final year at uni, but both me and my oh are so happy and excited can't wait 4 baby to be here!!

  • Very happy to say that this baby was planned- it happened so quickly. I was on the pill (had been taking it regularly for bout 2 years) and one month when my period came I said to oh I don't think I'll go back on it I would like another baby and he agreed (I already knew he had wanted another). We only had sex twice that week and I fell pregnant!!!

    I have two older children that were both unplanned and had said I would like to one day TRY so here we are 9 days to go!! I don't think it affects how much you love each individual child tho whether its planned or not.
  • Planned, we thought it would take longer but it took about 6 weeks which I was surprised by. Took three or four tests and they were all BFN but couldn't shake the feeling that I was - eventually got a BFP when I was nearly a week late.
  • i was deployed abroad so never took the pill when away as my husband was in the uk. i got home started taking pill again, ran out so went to doc who told me to have a period then take a fresh period never came.... that was 29+2 ago! so not planned but i feel very blessed!
  • It was planned but only took a week (according to the dates) so it was a bit of a shock too but only because we thought we might have had a bit more fun trying for a few months!
  • My sixteen month old son was a complete accident, however this one was a happy accident weren't really trying but not really been careful either. Didn't wana stress ourselves out with dates n all that xxx
  • My first was an accident. I was on the depo when i fell pregnant and when i found out i had split up with baby's dad. Now we back together and expecting our second which was planned. Convieved a week after having the implant removed!

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