has anyone taken ASDA own test early and its been positive?

sorry again ladies.. but i JUST CANT WAIT!...
went and got a pregnancy test from asda today and its saying i can use 4 days before the monthly!!....

has anyone done this particular test early and been successful?...
i have 7 days till im next due on...

is there any point doing one tomorrow morning?


  • Hiya, i have been pregnant 3 times now, (Lost the first 2 though) But each time i have used asdas test early and have had positives. I think if you do them first thing in the morning when you first go the toilet, they should work. Sorry cant be of more help, but they are good tests! xx


  • thanks mikayla3000, how early did you acxtually take it? x
  • Hi there...

    I took asda test the day AF was due and got faint line in the evening. In the morning a BFP dark line appeared immediately.

    Katie..x x x
  • Twice i took the test 3 days before period due and with the third it was 2 days before x
  • right so perhaps its better i wait a few days then. im still 7 days away from next due date yet.
    ta everyone
  • I know its frustrating but I would definately wait, because I think at 7 days early you are likely to be disapointed wen u might actually be pregnant. I did a clear blue the day before I was due on and got a negative so i think it depends completely on the individual. Hope u get a BFP and this will probably be the longest week ull ever have. Kerry xxx


    wish i had read your post kerrymc before doing it!.. im gutted.. its come out negative.... but i just KNOW im pregnant..
    far to early to test.. just hoped that it may have shown!...
    starting to wonder if im just making this up in my head!.. but i dont see how!..
    anyone else made this up in their head before???
    bit sad...

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